2007 T20I WC Hero Booked For Abetment To Suicide In Hisar

Police officer has booked, including the former Indian cricketer turned DSP Joginder Sharma. All these person have been charged by the police with abetment to suicide and offenses under the SC/ST Act. This comes after a 27-year-old individual took their own life in Dabra village. To those who do not know, Joginder Sharma was instrumental in India’s victory in the inaugural T20 World Cup against Pakistan in 2007.

On the night of January 1, Pawan, a young individual, took his own life by hanging himself at home. His mother, Sunita, mentioned in her complaint that he had been distressed in recent days, facing pressure from certain individuals in the village to leave his residence.

The deceased, a former painter, confided in his mother a day before the tragedy, expressing his inability to withstand the mounting pressure. According to her, the accused individuals, Ajayveer and his son Arjun, had approached her son a week earlier, instructing him to persuade his mother to evacuate their residence. She mentioned an ongoing legal dispute involving Ajayveer, Ishwar Jhanjhria, Prem Khati, Rajender Sihag, and Joginder Sharma regarding the ownership of the house they were living in.

Social activist Manju stated that Rameshwar’s family, residing in the house since 1987, faced a dispute in 2020 when Ajayveer and others demanded their eviction, asserting ownership. Manju claimed that the DSP visited the house and issued threats to the family during this period of contention.

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