Why Brendon McCullum Stopped By The Security Guard At The Entrance Of Headingley?

During the ongoing third Test match, England’s head coach, Brendon McCullum faced a hurdle when he tried to enter Headingley. According to reports, McCullum had a brief disagreement with a security guard on Thursday due to a missing pass. The security guard did not recognize McCullum and his companion and as a result, he was denied entry by the security.

Due to the Just Stop Oil Protestors, the security at the Headingley ground was tightened. On the first day of the Ashes Test at Headingley, two individuals were prevented from entering after being detained and investigated. It was discovered that they were wearing Just Stop Oil t-shirts under their jackets and carrying suspicious bags which raised a concern for the security guards at Headingley.

At 10 am in the morning, the incidents occurred close to Gate E. Before it, the oil protestors had stopped and disturbed various sporting events and as a result, the security guard did not want to take a chance for this important Test of the Ashes 2023.

Not to forget, in the previous Ashes Test held at Lord’s, two protestors managed to invade the field creating a disturbance by throwing orange powder onto the wicket. The World Snooker Championship also encountered disruptions when an activist climbed onto a table spreading orange powder, while another attempted to attach themselves to a nearby table.

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