R Ashwin’s Query Sparks Speculation on Ravi Shastri’s IPL Coaching

Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of India and World Cup champion, stated that he is not discounting the prospect of heading an Indian Premier League (IPL) team in the future. Shastri stated that although he might not start working anytime soon, if he does, it will be to collaborate with the nation’s future potential rather than for financial gain.
In an interview with R. Ashwin for his most recent YouTube program, Ravi Shastri praised the abundance of talent in the nation and said he has always been thrilled about the chance to coach up-and-coming players.
After his time as the senior national team’s coach ended in 2021, the former captain of India stated he would want to spend some time away from the dressing rooms rather than accepting a position as an IPL coach.
“Not in a big way. Not after spending seven years in India. Shastri responded, “If you’re thinking about taking a job with an IPL franchise after 2021, you never know what can come up in the future and how involved you are going to get.”
“There is no doubt about your experience and what you can bring to the table, but after 7 years with the Indian team, especially during the toughest time that game has seen since World War II—COVID, quarantine, and the bubbles—you just wanted to get away from the dugout, the dressing room, and everything. The broadcasting and microphone provided me with the opportunity to express myself again. “And have fun,” Shastri added.

Shastri acknowledged his enthusiasm for teaching new players, noting that working with emerging talent, such as Rishabh Pant, was a fulfilling experience for him during his term as head coach. You do not rule that out.

“Once you’ve been involved with the game and played it, and you’ve desired to help the young, that experience will stay with you. It’s not just the money, but also the contribution factor. How do you get into the minds of young children and pass on your information before you forget it yourself?”
“If I ever travel there, it will be for that specific reason. Not to see superstars continue in their current form, but to grow, identify, and groom brilliance and propel them to new heights. I’ll appreciate it because the spread is so wide these days; there are complexities, linguistic difficulties, and cultural challenges. Then get them together to play fearless cricket, which is my cup of tea. So never underestimate it; it’s always the case when dealing with children,” he concluded. “

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