“When my parnets didn’t have enough to fund my career, my mother borrowed…”: Rinku Singh Shares His Emotional Journey From Struggling Financially To Representing India

Young Indian cricketer Rinku Singh has opened up about his journey from facing financial struggles to earning his maiden T20 International call-up for India. Singh, who made his T20I debut in the first match of the series against Ireland, shared his emotional story and the driving force behind his cricketing aspirations.

Singh spoke to JioCinema about his challenges and the determination that propelled him to represent the country. He revealed that his parents set the dream of representing India as his goal, emphasizing that while many players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), few are fortunate enough to be selected for the national team. Singh’s parents saw the IPL as a stepping stone towards achieving the ultimate dream of donning the Indian jersey.

“It is a nice feeling (being part of the Indian team setup) because I have worked hard to reach here. I picked up cricket almost 10-12 years ago, and the one goal my parents set for me was to represent the country. They felt IPL is played by so many, but only a few get picked for the Indian team, so they wanted me to make the most of my opportunities in IPL and get into the Indian team. And now their dream is about to come true,” he said.

When he learned about his selection, Singh recalled being in Noida with friends. Upon receiving the news, he immediately called his mother, who was overcome with emotion. The phone call moved him to tears of happiness as it marked the realization of a dream his family had cherished for a long time.

Singh expressed how his journey was fueled by his passion for cricket and the desire to provide a better life for his family. Having witnessed financial struggles within his family, he felt a strong motivation to overcome obstacles and make a positive impact through the sport. He acknowledged his family’s significant role in his journey, recounting how his mother borrowed money from others to support his cricketing career when funds were scarce.

Rinku explained, “A lot of blood and sweat has gone behind to earn this call. My passion for the sport helped me endure a lack of support and financial hardships. One thing that kept the desire burning was to give my family a good life, which was possible if I moved up the ladder in the sport. I had that self-belief that made me stronger and helped me in my journey, which has taken a new turn.”

“I have seen my family face financial struggles, and I wanted to help them overcome them through cricket. That desire to get them out of the grind kept me going. It kept me motivated to work hard and keep up my efforts. My family had a massive role in my journey to date. When they didn’t have enough to fund my career, my mother borrowed money from others to keep me going. I am today because of the support I have gotten from them,” he added.

Addressing the transition from IPL to international cricket, Singh explained that his efforts and preparations remained consistent, though the pressure of performing at the international level was greater. He emphasized the importance of maintaining calm during batting and focusing on his role within the team.

Rinku, an emotional cricketer, said, “I was in Noida with my friends when I got a call about my selection. Immediately after the news, I called my mother, and she got very emotional. Listening to her emotion-laced voice, I couldn’t control the tears of happiness. They were waiting for this moment for a while now.”

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Having achieved his initial goal of being selected for the Indian team, Singh expressed his commitment to achieving the team’s objectives. He pledged to continue working hard, dedicating his efforts to the team’s success and hoping to contribute to the team’s victories as he embarks on this new phase of his cricketing journey.

He concluded, “The efforts are the same, but the pressure is a little more. The intention is to continue doing things the same way I did during the IPL, keep my calm during batting and focus on my role in the team. I have achieved the first goal I set out to achieve: to get selected for the Indian team. From here on, I will do everything within my capabilities, give my hundred percent to achieve the team’s desired results and be in the mix for as long as possible.”

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