‘Virat And Rohit Both Failed As A Captain…’ Virendra Sehwag Points Out The Strong Reason Behind India’s Failure In World Cup Games

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming World Cup 2023 and the role of the captain in achieving victory. In an interview, Sehwag emphasized the significance of team effort and the right combination of players, stating that the captain alone cannot guarantee a World Cup win. Sehwag’s remarks shed light on the crucial elements required for success and his endorsement of Rohit Sharma as the ideal captain for the Indian cricket team.

Virender Sehwag strongly believes that winning the World Cup is a collective effort that relies on the performance of the entire team. He emphasizes that while the captain plays a vital role, the ultimate victory hinges on the right combination of eleven players and a positive mindset.

He stated, “It’s not the captain who wins the World Cup, it’s the team. The right combination of eleven players and a positive mindset are crucial factors in determining the ultimate winner.” 

Sehwag draws attention to previous instances where India couldn’t progress beyond the semifinals, despite having accomplished captains. He points out that although Virat Kohli led the team to victories in several bilateral series, they fell short in the crucial semifinals. Similarly, when Rohit Sharma captained the team during the T20 World Cup, they faced defeat against England in the semifinals. These examples highlight that the responsibility for success cannot be solely placed on the captain but is dependent on the team’s composition and performance on a given day.

Considering the current scenario, Sehwag expresses confidence in Rohit Sharma’s captaincy abilities. He commends Rohit for his excellent leadership and believes that he should continue leading the team in the World Cup 2023. Sehwag’s endorsement of Rohit Sharma stems from his belief that the right combination of players, coupled with Rohit’s captaincy, will provide India with the best chance of lifting the coveted trophy.

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