“Saud Shakeel Can Reach The Level Of Virat Kohli…”: Former Pakistani Cricketer

Former Pakistan wicketkeeper-batter Kamran Akmal has expressed his belief that young cricketer Saud Shakeel has the potential to reach the same echelon as renowned players Virat Kohli and Babar Azam in the coming years. Akmal’s praise for Shakeel’s recent performances and his optimistic projection for the budding cricketer’s future underscores the talent and promise that Shakeel brings to Pakistan’s cricket landscape.

Kamran Akmal, a respected figure in Pakistan’s cricketing history, has likened Saud Shakeel’s potential to Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, two prominent names in the cricketing world. Akmal’s endorsement of Shakeel’s talent positions him among elite players who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

“I am looking at Saud from a different angle. I am considering him in the league, which includes big names like Virat Kohli, Babar Azam, and other five to six players,” Akmal was quoted by Cricket Pakistan.

Akmal’s belief in Saud Shakeel’s potential is underscored by the cricketer’s performances in challenging circumstances. Shakeel’s ability to excel, particularly in early Test cricket, has impressed Akmal. The former wicketkeeper-batter envisions Shakeel making significant strides in the next three to four years and inching closer to the stature of renowned cricketers.

“So, this is a good sign for Pakistan cricket when any batsman displays excellent batting performance, that too at an early age in early Test cricket,” Akmal said.

Saud Shakeel’s recent contributions to Test cricket have captured attention. He became the first Pakistan batter to achieve a double hundred in Sri Lanka, showcasing his ability to thrive in demanding conditions. With an impressive record of a double hundred, a hundred, and five half-centuries in just six Tests since his debut in December, Shakeel’s Bradmanesque average of 98.5 emphasizes his early promise.

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Although Saud Shakeel has had limited exposure to ODIs over the years, he has been included in the 18-man squad for the upcoming ODIs against Afghanistan. However, he has not found a place in the 17-man squad for the Asia Cup. Regardless, Kamran Akmal’s perspective suggests that Shakeel’s performances in Test cricket might pave the way for a more substantial presence across formats.

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