Rohit Sharma First Time Opens On The Heart Wrenching Defeat In The 2023 ODI World Cup

Team India skipper Rohit Sharma has finally shared his feeling after the heart wrenching 2023 ODI World Cup final defeat. As we know, in the final played between India and Australia at Shri Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, India lost the battle by six wickets and Australia achieved the target 42 balls to spare.

The defeat was a sad story for everyone connected with the Indian team, and it was a difficult setback to accept. Despite being in outstanding form on their home turf and arguably considered favourites to claim the title, fate had other plans.

Rohit was not part of the T20 series against Australia and Suryakumar was seen as the skipper of the side. Not only this Rohit Sharma also pulls out his name from the white-ball series against South Africa and he will be seen captaining the Indian series in the Test side against the Proteas.

“I had no idea how to comeback from this, the first few days I didn’t know what to do. My family, my friends, kept me going, kept things pretty light around me, which was quite helpful,” Rohit Sharma spoke for the first time on social media since the World Cup final defeat.”

“It was not easy to digest, but life moves on. You have to move on in life. But honestly, it was tough, it was not easy to just move on,” he further stated in the video released by TeamRo45 on Instagram.

I’ve always grown up watching the 50 over World Cup. To me, that was the ultimate prize, the 50-over World Cup. We have worked all these years, you know, for that World Cup, and it is disappointing, right? If you don’t get through it and you don’t get what you want., what you have been looking for all this while, what you were dreaming of,” he added.

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Rohit Sharma concluded,”You get disappointed, and you get frustrated as well at times. I thought we did everything we could from our side. If someone asks me what went wrong? We won 10 games, and yes, in those games we did make some mistakes, but those mistakes happen in every game that you play. You cannot have a perfect game. You can have a near-perfect game, but you cannot have a perfect game.”

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