Gary Kirsten’s Insights on the Frequency of World Cups

Head coach of Pakistan’s white-ball team Gary Kirsten has voiced concerns over the ICC’s major tournament schedule, saying that hosting a World Cup every year “could be dangerous” for the sport.

TalkSport spoke with Kirsten, who suggested that major ICC competitions such as the World Cup should be arranged as hors d’oeuvres for the sport rather than back-to-back, as this could cause spectator interest to wane.

“I do occasionally worry about how many games lack context. Does this imply, however, that we must host an ICC event each year? No, I believe that having a World Cup every year or every other year could be risky since it’s always exciting to wait for those occasions to occur “Kirsten stated.

Notably, the ICC has recently struggled to keep a respectable distance between the dates of its major tournaments.

It all began in 2021 when the seventh ICC Men’s T20 World Cup was held in the United Arab Emirates. In the summit match, Australia triumphed over their Trans-Tasman rivals New Zealand by eight wickets, earning them their first Men’s T20 World Cup victory.

But when the competition was held again in Australia in October and November, the Kangaroos had to defend their championship in less than a year.

The match took place on November 19, and in less than seven months, the body that oversees international cricket will hold another World Cup in the USA and the Caribbean using the 20-over format.

Additionally, Kirsten expressed concern about the quickly fading glamour of Test cricket and the relative lack of participation from major Test-playing countries such as South Africa.

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