“Rohit and Virat were crying, seeing that it felt…”: Ashwin On Team India’s Condition After The Defeat In ODI World Cup Final

India’s 2023 World Cup journey was nothing short of a roller coaster. With a flawless 10-game winning streak leading into the final, the Men in Blue seemed destined for glory. However, fate had a different plan, and the Australians proved to be the stumbling block on the grand stage.

In the aftermath of the final defeat, veteran spinner Ravichandran Ashwin shared poignant insights into the emotional toll it took on the team, particularly on the faces of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, who couldn’t hold back tears.

Ashwin, speaking to S Badrinath on his YouTube channel, vividly described the moments after the final. “Yes, we felt the pain. Rohit and Virat were crying. Seeing that, it didn’t feel good. Anyways, not meant to be,” he remarked, underlining the heartbreak that lingered in the Indian camp.

Despite the setback, Ashwin commended the leadership dynamics between Kohli and Rohit. In his words, “This team was experienced. Everybody knew what to do. And then, it was professional. Everybody knew their routine warm-ups. I think two natural leaders gave the team the space to do these two (Kohli and Rohit) and created a vibe.”

Further, Ashwin showered praise on skipper Rohit Sharma, highlighting the captain’s profound understanding of each player. “If you look at Indian cricket, everybody will tell you MS Dhoni is one of the best captains. Rohit Sharma is an outstanding person. He understands every single person in the team, and he knows what each one of us likes and dislikes. He has a great understanding. He puts in the effort to know each member personally,” explained Ashwin.

Adding to his admiration for Rohit, Ashwin noted, “He puts in a lot of effort. Forgoes sleep and becomes part of meetings; he first puts in the effort. He makes an effort to understand how to explain tactics to each person. That’s an advanced level of leadership in Indian cricket.”

As India faces yet another stumble in their decade-long ICC title drought, the question arises: will Rohit Sharma, at 40, play in the 2027 ODI World Cup in South Africa? The uncertainty adds to the intriguing narrative of Indian cricket, leaving fans and pundits alike curious about the future of one of the game’s exceptional leaders.

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