Pat Cummins Announced New Broadcaster Of Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia signed a significant broadcasting deal with Disney Star, marking the end of Sony Sports’ tenure as the broadcast of live matches in India and the subcontinent. The seven-year deal, scheduled to conclude in 2030, will see Disney Star taking over the regional distribution of Australian cricket matches.

The announcement was made through a short video featuring Australian captain Pat Cummins, expressing excitement about the partnership and the opportunity to bring Australia’s cricketing action to Indian screens.

Disney Star, which has previously distributed Australian matches in India, secured the rights to showcase Australian men’s, women’s, and Big Bash League (BBL) matches played in Australia across the Indian markets. The subcontinent is known to be one of the largest sports markets in the world, making the deal a significant step for Cricket Australia in expanding its reach and viewership in the region.

Australian captain Pat Cummins shared his enthusiasm for the new broadcasting deal with Disney Star through a short video on Twitter by the network. He welcomed Disney Star back to the Cricket Australia family and expressed excitement about working together for the next seven years. Cummins highlighted that both the men’s and women’s teams are in a great spot, and they are eager to achieve genuinely great things together and take Australian cricket to the next level.

Pat Cummins said: “Good day to the whole Disney Star team. Pat Cummins here. Welcome back to the CA family, its great to have you back. We’re so excited to work together for the next seven years to bring Australian cricket to many screens in India and the subcontinent. Both the men’s and women’s teams are in a great spot at the moment, we can’t wait to do truly great things together to take it to the next level. Thanks in advance for all your support. To the Disney Star team, thanks again. Can’t wait to see what the future holds together. Cheers.”

The new broadcasting deal with Disney Star ensures that Australian cricket matches will continue to be accessible to fans in India and the subcontinent. The extended partnership aims to increase the sport’s popularity in the region and provide cricket enthusiasts with comprehensive coverage of the games played in Australia, including the highly popular Big Bash League.

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