“Look to dominate….”Dinesh Karthik Unveils RCB’s Comeback Mantra in IPL 2024

Indian and RCB’s wicketkeeper batter Dinesh Karthik finally unveiled RCB’s comeback mantra, saying that the team is trying to play at their full potential and they are trying to dominate bowlers.

Rcb are in the playoff race right now, but every match for them is a must-win encounter from here on. 

In his interaction with the broadcaster ahead of the PBKS clash, Karthik said that the team realized how crucial every match is for them. He further added that the team looks to just replicate the things that they have done in the past.

Karthik said, “I think this is the feeling that we are used to sometimes now.
We have to win every game; we have done really well. There is a long way to go, but this is the feeling that we are getting used to. Try and repeat things that we have done well. We have been bowling in good areas, taking on the bowlers upfront, keeping that pressure on the bowler. So, things that have worked for us, try and repeat them again and again.” 

Karthik also gave insights on RCB taking the aggressive route from here on.

Dinesh Karthik said, “I think so, especially with the bat. Earlier, we were taking the softer option with the bat, but we are taking the harder option now. We are trying to put the pressure on the bowlers. The bowlers have been taken to the cleaners; the pitches are good, and the boundaries are short.”

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