Ishant And Yuvraj Are Spreading Lies About Me: Anil Kumble

Former India captain Anil Kumble and current player Ishant Sharma engaged in a lighthearted exchange during their commentary stint on Day 2 of the opening Test between India and the West Indies. Ishant, who has shared a dressing room with Kumble both as a player and during Kumble’s tenure as coach, jokingly expressed his fear of the legendary spinner.

Ishant admitted feeling afraid of Kumble, both during their playing days and now in the commentary box. When Kumble asked for the reason behind his statement, Ishant responded by saying that Kumble has become more relaxed these days. In response, Kumble playfully teased Ishant, mentioning that he and Yuvraj Singh were spreading lies about him not being strict.

The veteran spinner humorously mentioned that he had recently met Yuvraj and Sachin Tendulkar, and Yuvraj echoed Ishant’s sentiment. Kumble jokingly disputed this, stating that he was indeed a chilled-out person. However, he emphasized that on-field seriousness was necessary to bring out the best in players.

Anil Kumble said, “Ishant and Yuvraj are spreading lies about me as I was not strict. I recently met Yuvraj and Sachin Tendulkar, and Yuvi said the same thing. I told him that he was not right as I was chilled out. However, you must be serious on the field to get the best out of players.”

The lighthearted banter between Kumble and Ishant entertained viewers and showcased the camaraderie between former and current players. It offered a glimpse into the relaxed atmosphere within the commentary box while highlighting the mutual respect and admiration among cricketers.

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