IPL 2023 Advertisement Revenue Crosses Whopping 10,000 Crore Mark, Creates History, Fans Go Wild

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has once again proven its status as one of the world’s most lucrative sporting leagues, surpassing expectations and setting new revenue records. The recently concluded IPL season, backed by separate digital and TV rights, generated an astounding advertising revenue of ₹10,120 crores ($1.35 billion). This remarkable achievement has left cricket enthusiasts and financial experts in awe, while also sparking discussions about the league’s continued growth potential.

Financial experts had anticipated a substantial revenue surge for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) due to the record-breaking media rights deal worth ₹48,000 crores ($6.4 billion) for the IPL. The latest reports published by Livemint reveal that the league’s advertising revenue alone reached an impressive ₹10,120 crores ($1.35 billion). Out of this staggering amount, 65% was shared among the BCCI, franchise owners, and broadcasters, while the remaining 35% was earned through indirect means.

The lion’s share of the revenue went to the BCCI, franchise owners, and broadcasters. Star Sports and Jio Cinema, the league’s TV broadcasters, accumulated ₹4,700 crores ($627 million) through advertising. The franchise owners earned ₹1,450 crores ($194 million), while the BCCI secured ₹430 crores ($57 million). However, despite the significant revenue figures, a surprising revelation stirred mixed reactions among fans.

Upon learning of the impressive revenue figures, fans expressed a mixture of surprise and concern. Some fans pointed out that Star Sports, one of the TV broadcasters, appeared to be at a loss despite the massive revenue generated. They noted that Star Sports alone spends approximately ₹4,900 crores ($655 million) each IPL season, while the combined advertising revenues of Star Sports and Jio Cinema amounted to ₹4,700 crores ($627 million). This apparent discrepancy raised questions about the financial viability of the broadcasting agreements and the effectiveness of ad slot sales.

Despite the varied reactions, the overall sentiment among experts and stakeholders is one of optimism. The IPL’s unprecedented revenue figures have solidified its position as a major player in the global sports landscape. With the successful separation of digital and TV rights, future seasons are expected to witness further revenue growth. The league’s popularity and commercial appeal continue to attract leading brands, ensuring a steady influx of advertising revenue.

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