“If I am quite, I’m done…”: Sania Mirza’s New Post Amid Divorce Reports With Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik, two prominent figures in the world of sports, have been the centre of attention for quite some time due to speculations about their marital status. Despite the absence of an official announcement, rumours abound that the couple has decided to part ways and live separately. What’s most significant is their shared commitment to co-parenting their beloved son, Izhaan Mirza Malik.

Over the past few months, numerous reports have surfaced, hinting at turbulence in the couple’s marriage. Some sources suggest that Sania and Shoaib have been leading separate lives for a while now. Despite the media buzz and speculations, Sania Mirza has maintained a dignified silence, never directly addressing the conjectures encircling her personal life.

On the other hand, Shoaib Malik, a Pakistani senior cricketer, had previously made statements affirming the strength of their marriage. In one of his interviews, he even referred to Sania as his ‘wife.’ However, the ongoing situation hints at complexities beneath the surface, making it clear that all is not well in their relationship.

Shoaib Malik, addressing the speculations, remarked, “Humey saath mey rehna ka time nahi mil raha (We don’t get much time to live together).” 

He further explained, “When they (Sania and Izhan) went to perform Umrah, I had commitments here, and when I took a break and went to Dubai to spend time with Izhan, then she was busy. Everybody needs to understand we belong to different countries and have our own commitments. Neither I released a statement nor did she.”

The couple’s situation underscores a common challenge faced by individuals leading demanding careers in sports. International commitments, matches, tours, and endorsements often necessitate physical separation, leaving little room for quality time together. Sania’s dedication to tennis and Shoaib’s commitments to cricket have often meant that they lead parallel lives, albeit across borders.

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Sania Mirza, an accomplished tennis player from India, and Shoaib Malik, a celebrated cricketer from Pakistan, tied the knot in 2010. Their union was celebrated as a symbol of transcending boundaries and promoting peace and harmony. The arrival of their son, Izhaan Mirza-Malik, in 2018 further enriched their lives.

Amid the swirling rumours and speculations, the couple’s unwavering commitment to co-parenting their son, Izhaan, is commendable. They remain dedicated to providing the best environment for their child, ensuring that he grows up surrounded by love and care.

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