“I asked Dhoni, Bhaiya kyu…” Venkatesh Iyer Revealed Shocking Discussion With MS Dhoni

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is widely regarded as one of the greatest leaders in cricket history. With multiple ICC titles and numerous successes in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Dhoni’s remarkable achievements have earned him a place among the sport’s legends. His exceptional leadership skills and composed demeanour have impressed fans and experts and inspired young cricketers worldwide. One such individual is Indian youngster Venkatesh Iyer, who recently admired Dhoni’s leadership prowess and calmness under pressure.

During a recent interview, Venkatesh Iyer reminisced about an IPL 2023 encounter between the Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkata Knight Riders. Iyer highlighted a specific moment when he fell victim to Dhoni’s strategic brilliance. Reflecting on his dismissal, Iyer explained how he questioned Dhoni about the field placement, to which the veteran leader responded with profound insight. Dhoni had adjusted the fielders based on Iyer’s batting style, showcasing his astute decision-making and deep understanding of the game.

“I was batting, and I played a shot and was caught by the fielder at short-third man, and I thought to myself, short third-man shouldn’t be there in the first place; he was standing in the wrong position,” Iyer told Raj Shamani in a video on his YouTube channel.

Venkatesh Iyer praised Dhoni for his calm composure, even in high-pressure situations. Iyer described Dhoni as an “artist of calmness,” emphasizing his ability to remain neutral and make sound decisions. The young cricketer attributed Dhoni’s success in decision-making to his composed state of mind, allowing him to navigate pressure easily. Dhoni’s reputation for making wise choices, irrespective of the circumstances, has earned him immense respect among his peers and fans.

“I asked him, ‘Bhaiya kyu’ after the match, and he replied, ‘The way you were batting, all the fielders should have been much finer. That’s why I had put him a tad bit fine, and I was like I had never thought about it,” Iyer added.

MS Dhoni’s leadership and composure serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring cricketers worldwide. His remarkable achievements as a captain and a player demonstrate the importance of astute decision-making, adaptability, and a calm mindset. Youngsters like Venkatesh Iyer look up to Dhoni as a role model, appreciating his ability to stay composed in critical moments and his knack for making the right choices.

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“I think it’s his composure, his ability to not react in pressure situations, to be calm and composed in a state of mind where he’s neutral. That allows him to make better decisions; we always associate MS Dhoni with making good decisions because he can attend that state of mind where he’s composed,” Iyer said.

“MS Dhoni is an artist of calmness, coolness, and taking good decisions in pressure situations. What he can do, no one else can live in the world,” he concluded.

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