“He wants to continue the same because…”: Sunil Gavaskar On Rohit Sharma’s Sizzling Century Against Afghanistan

The ICC World Cup 2023 witnessed a dazzling display of cricketing prowess as Rohit Sharma, the legendary Indian opener and skipper, unleashed a blazing century against Afghanistan. This remarkable inning secured a convincing victory for Team India and ignited many records. Sunil Gavaskar, a cricket icon himself, was delighted by Rohit’s fearless and aggressive batting style, which has set the cricketing world abuzz.

While Rohit’s record-breaking innings left cricket enthusiasts in awe, Sunil Gavaskar, another Indian batting legend, couldn’t help but admire Rohit’s fearlessness. Gavaskar noted that Rohit’s style of play involves calculated risks, often leading to explosive starts but occasionally missing out on centuries. However, Gavaskar highlighted the significance of Rohit’s approach in enhancing the team’s performance.

Gavaskar praised Rohit for taking risks and embracing an aggressive batting style, emphasizing that the high run rate achieved early in the innings can have significant implications in the tournament’s later stages. In a competitive World Cup, net run rate can be crucial for qualification, making Rohit’s approach both exciting and strategic.

“I’m thrilled that he got a hundred because he missed out on many hundreds. With him, he is a risk taker. And therefore, sometimes, what happens is, in the 60s, 70s – look at the number of times – where he got the team off to a flying start with half-centuries. But he wants to continue similarly because it benefits the team. For example, today, you get that (run rate of) 8 runs per over,” Gavaskar told Star Sports.

Gavaskar also marvelled at the elegance with which Rohit Sharma plays his shots. His ability to caress the ball along the ground and strike it with such finesse sets him apart. The former Indian skipper noted that very few batters can execute front-foot pull shots with the grace and precision that Rohit consistently displays.

“The strike rate helps your net run rate. Who knows what’s going to happen? After another 5-6 matches. You might need those decimal points to qualify. So clearly, he might have missed out on a few hundred, but he entertained all of us. And today was another special occasion. Some of the sixes that he hit are just unbelievable,” Gavaskar continued.

Rohit Sharma’s century against Afghanistan was a testament to his impeccable batting technique and his speed. He became the joint-fastest batter to reach 1,000 runs in the ODI World Cup, sharing this distinction with Australia’s David Warner. His century in just 63 balls marked the fastest ever in an ODI World Cup game held in Delhi, surpassing the legendary Virender Sehwag’s record.

“Every century of his is a delight to watch. Because there is that ease with which he seems to be caressing the ball when he is hitting the ball along the ground. Very few batters can pull off the front foot that he does. The same thing happened with Virender Sehwag; Viru was also similar. The opening batter goes bang-bang and scores 60s-70s, 80s,” Gavaskar explained.

Gavaskar summarized the sentiments of cricket fans, emphasizing the desire to witness explosive batters like Rohit Sharma convert their explosive starts into centuries. The iconic opener’s role in providing Team India with powerful starts is instrumental in propelling the team to substantial totals, setting the stage for victory.

“And look, we as cricket fans, lovers of batting, want them to carry on. So when they don’t. Then we sometimes get distraught, like what kind of shot you have played. But they still score 60,70,80s. But we want them to go on and score a hundred. I’m happy that after January, he has got a hundred. Because this is what India needs, India needs a start from their skipper. The kind of flying start that is given, because that propels a team to a big score,” the batting legend concluded.

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