From 1992 World Cup To 2019 Tournament, Rohit Sharma Shares His Excitement And Memories For The Marquee Event

The ODI World Cup is returning to India after almost a decade. Last time, India hosted a World Cup in 2011 in association with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. All the top 10 teams are preparing for the ODI World Cup and before it Asia Cup 2023 will be played.

The tournament will start from October 5 where the former finalists England and New Zealand will clash each other in the first encounter. India will play its first match on October 8 against Australia and they will look to gain momentum from the first match only. Recently, Indian captain Rohit Sharma had an interview with ICC where he shared his thoughts on the preparation and prospects of team India in the upcoming Marquee event.

While having a conversation with ICC, Rohit Sharma said that he has never seen the World Cup trophy from close up and he was not even there in the team when India lifted the ODI World Cup 2011.

Rohit Sharma said,“I’ve never seen it so close. Even when we won in 2011, I was not part of the squad. But yeah, it looks beautiful, so many memories behind the trophy as well, the past, the history. Yeah, so, it looks beautiful and hopefully we can lift it, fingers crossed.”

He shared his emotions and memories regarding the ODI World Cup through the years.

The captain said,”Yeah, there’s plenty actually. I was born in 87’, so I remember the 92’ World Cup which Pakistan won. But I remember India, that famous Ajay Jadeja’s catch, to dismiss Alan Border if I’m not wrong. I remember that because actually it was stuck in everyone’s mind, it took fielding to the next level. And obviously, the 96’ World cup which was played back home, unfortunately we lost in the semi-finals, but I remember every little moment of all the World Cups, 99’ as well, the first thing that comes to my mind is that Herschelle Gibbs catch which cost them the World Cup I believe.”

“In 2003, India played really well up until the finals. You know, Sachin Tendulkar was amazing with the bat, scored so many runs. And then comes the 2007 World Cup where we didn’t have a great time, didn’t even qualify after the league stage, so that was quite unfortunate. 2011 was a memorable one for all of us, I remember watching it from home, every single match, every single ball which was being bowled and that was being played. There were two kinds of emotions, one was obviously I was not a part of it, so I was a little disappointed. I decided I was not going to watch the World Cup, but again, the second memory I remember was that India was playing so well, quarter-finals onwards. You know, the big quarter-final was against Pakistan. I know how the pressure is on all these players when playing these games. I can only imagine the pressure what each player must have gone through at that time, and then the semi-finals against Australia. It was a brilliant finish by Yuvi and Raina at the end.”

“And 2015 and 2019, I was a part of it, which felt really good to play the World Cup. We went to the semi-finals, tried everything we could to go to the finals and play well in the finals, but again, a very unfortunate incident where we couldn’t go through to the finals. But hopefully, you know, we are back home again, so hopefully we can turn things around and it’s still a long way to go. And you know you can’t win the World Cup in one or two days. You got to play well for an entire month, month and a half, and be consistent. So you know, we are trying everything we can, from our perspective to make sure we are ready for the World Cup.”

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“Yeah, I know every day is a fresh day. Every day is a fresh start, it’s not like Test match cricket where you have the momentum with you and you carry the momentum to the next day. One-day cricket, limited overs format is like that, that’s where the challenge comes. You’ve to start fresh every day and you know that’s where I was. I was in a good mind space, I was feeling really good about my cricket, prepared really well before the World Cup and when you’re heading into a tournament like that, all you want to do is start well, mentally and physically fresh and then everything falls into place. So, I started really well in that tournament, got a hundred in the first game, and then for me, it was all about carrying that forward. Obviously, staying in the present was quite crucial for me as well, not thinking about what has happened in the past, obviously you take a lot of confidence about what you’ve done in the past, but starting afresh and starting anew was very important. I was in a great mind space at that point in time and looking forward to creating that again.”

Rohit Sharma also shared his excitement for playing at the different venues of India. He said,”I know for a fact that every ground, every venue that we will be travelling to will get massive support. You know, it’s the World Cup, so everyone is looking forward to this and the World Cup coming back to India after 12 years… you know 2011 was the last time we played a 50-over World Cup. We played a 20-over World Cup in 2016 but a 50-over World Cup after 12 years in the country, people are quite excited and we can see the buzz already back home. I’ll be looking forward to playing in all venues. They all have their own charm and specialty, so I would like to embrace that.”

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