Ellyse Perry Revealed Her Cricketing Idol, Favourite Ground, Funniest Teammate And Much More Things, Check It Out Here

Ellyse Perry, Australia’s cricketing sensation, is all set to make a grand comeback to the international arena after being sidelined due to a knee injury sustained during a match against Ireland in July. Fans and cricket enthusiasts have eagerly awaited her return, and the stage is now set for her comeback in the white-ball home series against West Indies, commencing on October 1.

But Perry’s return to cricket isn’t the only buzzworthy topic surrounding her. Her recent interaction with Cricket Australia (CA) in a rapid-fire round interview has been making waves on the internet. In this session, Perry answered a series of 15 questions, giving fans a delightful peek into her personal and professional preferences.

Sunshine and Cricket

When asked about what she looks forward to the most about the upcoming summer of cricket, Perry’s response was simple yet heartfelt – “The sunshine.” Her love for the game and the bright Australian sun go hand in hand.

Favourite Ground

Perry’s favourite cricket ground to play at is none other than the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). It’s where she has made countless memories and continues to leave her mark on the game.

The Perth Connection

Among her favourite cities, Perth takes the crown. Its scenic beauty and cricket-loving atmosphere hold a special place in her heart.

Coffee of Choice

For coffee, Perry’s choice is a “Long Black,” a classic and strong coffee that keeps one energized.

Cricket Idol

Perry admitted that her cricket idol while growing up was Michael Hussey. It is worth mentioning that Hussey’s incredible batting skills and unwavering dedication have inspired many in the world of cricket.

Sense of Humor

When it comes to her favourite movie or TV show, Perry’s pick is “Anchorman,” showcasing her sense of humor and appreciation for comedy.

A Heartfelt Memory

Her favourite cricket memory is a heartfelt one – playing in the nets with her dad and brother, an experience that ignited her passion for the sport.

The Funniest Teammate

In the Australian squad, Kim Garth takes the title of the funniest teammate for Perry, bringing laughter and camaraderie to the team.

Cricket Enthusiast

According to Perry, Alana King is the biggest cricket enthusiast on the team, demonstrating an unparalleled and mad love for the game.

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Love for Breakfast

Perry’s favourite food category is “breakfast,” reflecting her appreciation for the most important meal of the day.

Meeting Prominence

Among the famous personalities she’s met, Perry mentions Alyssa Healy, another prominent figure in Australian cricket.

Culinary Delights

Her go-to recipe to cook at home includes preparing some fish and veggies, a healthy and delicious choice.

In-Flight Entertainment

During flights, Perry’s number one pastime is listening to music and reading, a combination that keeps her entertained and relaxed.

Travel Essentials

The most important thing she packs for a tour is “some candles.” A touch of home, perhaps?

Player of the Summer

Perry’s prediction for the Player of the Summer is Annabel Sutherland, showcasing her support and belief in the youngster.

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