“Century ho rahi hai toh hone do…”: Wasim Akram On Virat Kohli’s Spectacular Century Against Bangladesh

In the world of cricket, Team India’s star batter, Virat Kohli, has always been known for his incredible skills, unwavering determination, and remarkable fitness levels. In a recent 2023 World Cup group match against Bangladesh in Pune, Kohli displayed a masterclass in batting and athleticism, leaving cricket enthusiasts in awe.

The match unfolded with India chasing a modest 257-run target. With just 19 runs required off 66 deliveries, the stage was set for a comfortable victory. However, what followed was nothing short of extraordinary. Kohli needed 19 runs to reach his 48th century in ODIs, and he decided to achieve this milestone in a dramatic fashion. Instead of opting for easy singles, he embarked on an aggressive route.

Over the next three overs, Kohli unleashed a barrage of boundaries, including a massive six in the 42nd over, which brought up his century. It was a breathtaking display of batting prowess and a testament to Kohli’s ability to control and dominate the game. With this century, Kohli played a pivotal role in India’s fourth successive win at the 2023 World Cup.

Kohli’s century wasn’t the only highlight of the match. In the 41st over of India’s innings, he showcased his exceptional fitness by running twos on multiple occasions. What makes this even more remarkable is that Kohli had arrived at the crease during the 13th over, and he had also spent the entirety of Bangladesh’s innings fielding.

Former Pakistan captain, Wasim Akram, was quick to acknowledge Kohli’s fitness marvel. He lauded the Indian cricket superstar for his relentless energy and dedication on the field.

“He fielded for the first 50 overs, and then, in the 90th over of the match, he took back-to-back twos. That shows his fitness, that shows that this guy is from another planet. They were winning pretty easily, century ho rahi hai toh hone do (If the batter has a chance to reach his century, let him be). They were toying with the bowlers, they were enjoying the batting. When Kohli came to bat, and the start that he had, it was only a matter of time,” said Akram.

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While some on social media criticized Kohli for not opting for singles and playing for his century, Akram firmly believed that there was nothing wrong with the batter’s approach. He emphasized that the Indian team was comfortably winning, and there was no harm in Kohli reaching his century in style. The team was in full control, enjoying their batting, and it was just a matter of time before Kohli achieved his milestone.

As Akram continued to praise Kohli’s fitness, a replay of the twos was shown in the studio. The former Pakistan captain couldn’t help but admire Kohli’s extraordinary fitness levels again. Meanwhile, former Pakistan wicketkeeper Moin Khan drew attention to the fact that Kohli covered the crease quicker than his partner, KL Rahul.

Moin pointed out, “The best thing was, Kohli played the shot and he covered the crease quicker than KL Rahul.” This observation highlighted not only Kohli’s ability to push himself beyond his limits but also his incredible speed and agility on the field.

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