‘Bhai tu jee kyu raha hai?’ Ishant Sharma Hilariously Trolled Cheteshwar Pujara

In a surprising turn of events, India’s veteran batsman, Cheteshwar Pujara, has been dropped from the Indian cricket team. While Pujara is known for his calm demeanor on the field and his impressive batting technique, his teammate Ishant Sharma has shed light on Pujara’s religious and non-confrontational nature. Speaking on a popular YouTube channel, Ishant revealed that Pujara’s spiritual beliefs make him averse to indulging in trash talks and sledging opponents.

Ishant Sharma, a long-standing member of the Indian cricket team, recently shared insights into Pujara’s personality and his spiritual inclination. According to Ishant, Pujara has been a devout and religious individual from his early days. Pujara is known to rise early in the morning for prayers.

“Pujji has been like that from the early days. He used to get up early in the morning for prayers. If you talk naughty stuff with him, he says it is wrong,” Ishant said on Ranveer Allahbadia’s YouTube channel.

“We used to say, ‘Bhai, tu jee kyu raha hai?’. He hasn’t changed. However, I have realised that being spiritual is also important,” he added.

Ishant Sharma highlighted that Pujara’s nature has remained consistent throughout his cricketing journey. Despite his growing stature as a batsman, Pujara has not deviated from his spiritual values and aversion to indulging in verbal confrontations on the field. Ishant Sharma humorously mentioned how teammates would wonder why Pujara maintained his calmness amidst the chaos of competitive cricket.

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While shedding light on Pujara’s character, it is worth mentioning Ishant Sharma’s own achievements. The pace bowler has been an integral part of the Indian cricket team, having taken 311 wickets from 105 Test matches at an average of 32.40. In the recently concluded Indian Premier League 2023, Ishant represented the Delhi Capitals, where he displayed his bowling prowess by claiming 10 wickets in 8 matches at an economy rate of 8.24 runs per over.

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