BCCI President Roger Binny Makes A Big Statement On India-Pakistan Bilateral Series

Roger Binny, the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has expressed optimism about resuming the bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan. After a recent visit to Pakistan, Binny highlighted the BCCI’s eagerness to see the revival of cricketing ties between the two nations. However, he emphasized that the decision ultimately rests with both governments and cannot be unilaterally resolved by the BCCI.

Roger Binny emphasized that the resumption of bilateral cricket between India and Pakistan is a matter that requires government intervention and approval from both nations. While the BCCI is keen to see this happen, Binny reiterated that the government must decide. He hoped the upcoming India-Pakistan encounter in the ODI World Cup might contribute to positive developments.

“BCCI is unable to decide that. The government must decide since it is their issue. We must wait and observe. Since Pakistan’s team will be in India to compete in the ODI World Cup, perhaps it will happen,” said Binny.

Binny and BCCI Vice-President Rajeev Shukla attended the Pakistan vs. Bangladesh match at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium during their visit to Pakistan. This marked the first visit by BCCI officials to Pakistan in 17 years, signaling a potential thaw in cricketing relations between the two countries. Although India and Pakistan are set to face each other in the 2023 Asia Cup, Binny hopes for a more regular bilateral cricket series.

The last bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan took place in 2006. Since then, the two teams have only encountered each other in multi-team tournaments such as the Asia Cup and ICC events. Binny noted that cricket can potentially serve as a medium to promote peace and cooperation between the two nations. He also recalled the positive atmosphere generated during the 2004 tour, which led to trade and friendship delegations, highlighting cricket’s broader impact beyond the sport.

“Even earlier, cricket was a significant medium. For instance, the mood that was fostered during the 2004 tour led to numerous trade and friendship delegations. It was a terrific vibe because store owners weren’t even accepting payment from the public, it was a great atmosphere,” Binny concluded.

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Roger Binny’s optimism regarding the resumption of India-Pakistan bilateral cricket reflects the desire of cricket fans from both nations to witness this historic rivalry on the field once again. While the BCCI is eager to see this happen, the final decision rests with the governments of India and Pakistan. The upcoming India-Pakistan clash in the ODI World Cup provides an opportunity for renewed hope and discussions surrounding the revival of the bilateral cricket series between the two cricketing giants.

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