Will James Anderson Retire After The Ashes 2023 ? The Veteran Reveals Himself

Legendary pacer of England Cricket Team James Anderson has dismissed all the rumors regarding his retirement even though his performance in the ongoing Ashes 2023 series has been very mediocre. Despite only managing to take four wickets in three Tests this season, the experienced England bowler expressed his disappointment at not having a more substantial influence and after all the odds, he remains confident in his bowling skills.

Anderson has admitted in the past that his lanky form might be a reason for his exclusion from the team. However, at present, everyone is now talking about his future. Despite being 41 years old, he disclosed that he has been having continuous conversations with the coach and captain. He said that the coach and captain doesn’t have any problem with his degrading form for a series and they have backed me to be in the team as long as he shows his dedication and passion towards the game.

“I have certainly not had the returns I would have liked in this series. Everyone goes through a lean patch but you just don’t want it to be in the most high-profile series we play,” Anderson wrote in a Telegraph column.

“10 or 15 years ago the debate would be about whether I should be dropped. Now it is about my future. I understand that. It is The Oval, the end of a series and a time for speculation. I keep talking to the coach and captain. They want me around, so as long as I am still hungry, want to put in the work then I will keep trying to give my best for the team. That is exactly where I am at the minute.”

The experienced bowler expressed his happiness for the past 14 months and considered it as the most enjoyable period of his career as an England player. Despite the current series being a bit challenging, Anderson’s dedication to giving his best for the team remains unwavering. He believes that he is performing well and can still be a valuable asset to the side. He highlighted that even in moments when he has been bowling excellently, he has faced some unfortunate luck in not taking the wickets.

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