“When an injury takes time to heal and it can be disappointing…”: Jasprit Bumrah On His “Dark Phase”

Jasprit Bumrah, the 29-year-old right-arm pacer of the India National Cricket Team, has shared his perspective on dealing with a severe injury and the challenges of recovery. Bumrah is set to make his competitive cricket comeback after almost a year, and he spoke about how he approached his recovery process with a positive mindset.

Bumrah suffered a back injury during his last series for India in September 2022, which caused him to miss significant cricketing events, including the T20 World Cup, Border-Gavaskar Trophy, and ICC World Test Championship Final. However, despite the frustrations of the injury and the lengthy recovery period, Bumrah never allowed himself to consider it a “dark phase” or consider that his career might be over.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of India’s first T20I against Ireland, Bumrah highlighted his approach to recovery. He explained that instead of dwelling on self-doubt, he focused on finding solutions and regaining his fitness to make a strong comeback. Bumrah’s positive mindset allowed him to view the injury period as an opportunity to spend time with family and rejuvenate mentally.

“When an injury takes time to heal, it can be frustrating. Instead of having self-doubt, I was thinking about how to get fit and make a comeback. It is important to give the body time and respect. I never considered it a dark phase and thought my career could end. I was looking for solutions, and when solutions came, I felt good,” Bumrah said a day ahead of India’s first T20I against Ireland.

Bumrah emphasized the importance of respecting the body’s need for recovery when facing injuries requiring longer healing periods. He acknowledged that while things may not always be in one’s control, giving the body the time it needs to recuperate properly is crucial.

He stated, “When facing an injury, you are trying to solve that problem, not what the world says. I wanted to recuperate. You learn to enjoy the game a lot more. I looked at it as an off-season. So I got to spend time with my family. So was looking at the positives. At the same time, I missed being away from action.”

During his recovery phase, Bumrah interacted with fellow players at the National Cricket Academy (NCA), which helped him maintain his spirits and stay connected to the game. He expressed his excitement about returning to the field with renewed hunger and an appreciation for the game.

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Bumrah added, “I met a lot of players at NCA. Sometimes things are not in your control. The body needs time to recover, and you need to respect it. When you come back, you have the hunger. You don’t know what an off-season looks like when playing continuous cricket. In this phase, as long as my physical restrictions were over, I wanted to work on my fitness and bowling. I was following how the team was doing, and (it) was good to meet the players.”

Bumrah’s positivity and determination to overcome his injury challenges underscore the mental resilience required to bounce back from setbacks in professional sports. As he prepares to lead Team India on the Ireland tour, cricket enthusiasts are eager to witness his performance and leadership on the field again.

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