Watch Video: ICC Launches ODI World Cup 2023 Promo Featuring Shah Rukh Khan

The excitement for the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup is steadily building as the tournament returns to India’s shores. The ICC has released a captivating promotional video for the upcoming marquee event, featuring one of India’s greatest stars, Shah Rukh Khan, as the narrator.

Shah Rukh Khan, a widely-known face of Indian cinema, is no stranger to cricket, as he is also a part-owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, an Indian Premier League franchise. In the video, Khan eloquently speaks about the sensations and emotions that arise in the biggest cricket tournament, cleverly playing on the format’s name, ‘One Day’.

The motto and tagline of the tournament, ‘All it takes is one day’, serves as the video’s central theme. Khan’s powerful narration captures the essence of the World Cup, emphasizing that one day, history can be made, and memories are etched forever. He describes how jerseys will be worn with pride, passion will triumph logic, and fears will be conquered on that momentous day.

“The difference between making history and being history: one day. Jerseys will be worn, and chests will swell with pride, on that one day. Passion will triumph logic, and memories will be etched, on that one day. Fears will be conquered, and odds will be braved, on that one day. From the highs of joy, to the lows of anguish, it will all be embraced, on that one day,” narrates Khan.

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The video showcases visuals of fans and iconic moments from the World Cup history of all ten participating teams, with waving flags and national colours on full display. It encapsulates the thrill and drama of the tournament, highlighting the emotions experienced by players and fans alike during this prestigious event.

The promotional video follows an image shared of Shah Rukh Khan standing with the ICC trophy, creating a buzz on the internet. With such captivating promotions and the anticipation building up, the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup promises to be a spectacular celebration of the sport, uniting cricket fans worldwide in a thrilling extravaganza of cricketing excellence.

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