“There was an element though where the skipper Ben Stokes is…” Michael Vaughan Questions On England’s Tactics And Suggest To Play Fearless Cricket

As the Ashes opener reaches its final day, former England captain Michael Vaughan believes England must put in a herculean effort to overcome Australia. With Australia requiring 174 runs to win and having seven wickets in hand, the task ahead for England is daunting. Vaughan emphasizes the need for England to play fearless cricket, highlighting Ben Stokes’ approach as reminiscent of old-school Test cricket. He also stresses the importance of smart captaincy from Stokes and utilizes the experience of James Anderson. Vaughan further urges England to balance entertainment with the primary goal of winning the match.

Defending a target of 174 runs will be challenging for England, especially with Australia having seven wickets remaining. Vaughan acknowledges the difficulty of the situation and emphasizes the need for a herculean effort from the English side to secure victory. He believes Australia will only make crucial mistakes and England’s skipper, Ben Stokes, will face a stern test in leading his team.

“There was an element though where the skipper Ben Stokes who is the Bazballer, he went out and played a bit of the old school Test match cricket because he knew when he went out to bat the game was on a knife edge, and he had just to play a little bit of the conventional way. That’s what I want to see. I love what they’re trying to do, I adore watching expansive cricket, but I also want to see now and again when they’ve got the opposition by the neck, play a little bit conventional, and don’t allow the opposition back into the game,” Michael Vaughan pointed out.

Vaughan expresses admiration for Ben Stokes’ approach during England’s second innings. He notes that Stokes played an old-school style of Test cricket, recognizing the importance of stabilizing the game when England’s position was on a knife’s edge. Vaughan appreciates the expansive cricket that England aims to play but highlights the importance of occasionally playing conventionally to maintain control and prevent the opposition from gaining an advantage.

“Intrigued with Ben (Stokes) and his captaincy on the last day. Saw a little bit tonight where he goes on the squeeze. Runs are going to be such a premium that you can’t just allow boundaries to happen,” he asserted.

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Vaughan suggests strategic considerations for England. He recommends placing fielders deep when spinners like Moeen Ali and Joe Root are bowling. Despite the emphasis on entertainment, Vaughan stresses that winning should be the primary focus on the final day. He urges England to adopt a pragmatic approach, adjusting field placements according to the game situation and prioritizing victory over entertainment.

“When the spinner comes on, Moeen Ali, Joe Root, Moeen’s finger is sore, so it’s not going to be easy for Moeen, but when the spinner comes on, I can’t see having all the fielders up as the right option. You’ve got to go in-out and give a little protection,” he stated.

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