“That’s not me, since when…” Ben Stokes Gives Shocking Reply To Australia Newspaper’s Crybabies Jibe

England captain Ben Stokes has been making headlines both for his exceptional performance on the field and his candid remarks off the field. While his views on the spirit of cricket debate following Jonny Bairstow’s stumping during the second Ashes Test have sparked differing opinions, there is no denying the brilliance of his innings that almost led England to a remarkable victory at Lord’s. Stokes recently responded to an Australian newspaper article with wit and humor, showcasing his ability to handle criticism gracefully.

Stokes played an extraordinary innings during the second Ashes Test, nearly guiding England to a thrilling win. His exceptional knock of 155 runs left the crowd in awe, and came close to overturning Australia’s advantage. However, England fell short by 43 runs in the end despite his heroics.

The spirit of cricket debate emerged following the stumping of Jonny Bairstow by Australia’s Alex Carey. Bairstow had left the crease, assuming the ball was dead, but it was still in play. Australia did not withdraw their appeal, and the third umpire ruled Bairstow out. England coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes expressed their belief that Bairstow was out, but Stokes stated that he would not have appealed for the dismissal.

In response to an Australian newspaper’s portrayal of him in nappies and the headline “crybabies,” Stokes showcased his wit by stating, “That’s not me, since when did I bowl with the new ball.” His humorous reply displayed his ability to handle criticism with a lighthearted approach.

Australia faced the crowd’s bitterness for the remainder of the match following Bairstow’s dismissal. McCullum believed that the Australian team brought it upon themselves due to their actions during the spirit of cricket debate.

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