“Teams don’t forget the betrayal that easily…”: Aakash Chopra Questioned Over Mitchell Starc’s IPL Future

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has expressed uncertainty regarding the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises’ interest in acquiring Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc, even if he makes himself available for the IPL 2024 season. Starc recently announced his desire to participate in the IPL 2024 season, citing it as ideal preparation for the upcoming T20 World Cup. However, Chopra highlighted Starc’s history of intermittent IPL participation and potential franchising concerns.

While other Australian fast bowlers like Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood have been regular participants in the IPL, Mitchell Starc has chosen to stay away from the tournament in recent years. His last IPL appearance dates back to 2015. This sporadic history of participation has raised questions about his commitment to the league.

Aakash Chopra doubts whether IPL franchises would be eager to sign Mitchell Starc for the 2024 season. He noted that Starc has, in the past, put his name in the IPL auction but then withdrawn, leaving teams feeling betrayed. Franchises invest in players when bought at the auction, and sudden withdrawals can create reservations among team management.

Chopra pointed out a common trend among prominent overseas players. They tend to opt out of the tournament if they do not secure a satisfactory deal in the IPL. This practice has been observed among both English and Australian players. Teams are aware of this trend and often remember when players have withdrawn after being bought, impacting their willingness to bid for such players.

Aakash Chopra mentioned that even if Mitchell Starc commits to playing in the IPL, franchises may still be skeptical about investing a substantial amount in him. Teams are likely to weigh the risks associated with Starc’s participation and could consider alternative options or have backup plans in place.

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The uncertainty surrounding Mitchell Starc’s potential IPL participation in 2024 raises questions about whether franchises will be willing to acquire him. While Starc’s bowling prowess is unquestionable, his history of sporadic IPL participation and the concerns it raises among teams may impact his marketability in the league. As the IPL auction for the 2024 season approaches, franchises will have to carefully evaluate the risks and benefits of signing the Australian speedster to their squad.

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