“Players like Gautam Gambhir….” Ex Indian Star Shares His Bold Opinion On Gautam Gambhir vs MS Dhoni In The 2011 World Cup

Gautam Gambhir vs. Ms. Dhoni. Since India won the 2011 World Cup, the debate over who’s the actual match winner of the 2011 World Cup final is still very much talked amongst the fans.

Speaking about the same, Gautam Gambhir once said that India’s World Cup triumph was made possible because of the whole team, not just one person.

This Gambhir vs. Dhoni debate once again started as team India’s ex-player Praveen Kumar shared his bold opinion on the same.

Gautam Gambhir once said, “India needs to come out of this hero worship. Whether it’s Indian cricket, whether it’s politics, or whether it’s Delhi cricket, We have to stop worshipping heroes. The only thing that we need to worship is Indian cricket, or, for that matter, Delhi or India. Who created that? It was created by two things. First, by social media followers, which is probably the fakest thing in this country. Second, by the media and the broadcasters.” 

Praveen Kumar also shared the same opinion as Gautam Gambhir.

Speaking of the same, Praveen Kumar said, “This is not wrestling or any other individual sport. One man cannot win you a match. Yuvraj Singh had taken 15 wickets and scored so many runs. Zaheer Khan took 21 wickets. Gautam Gambhir scored runs in the 2007 and 2011 finals. Dhoni scored runs in the 2011 finals. A team wins only when at least three of its batters are in form and at least two bowlers are picking wickets. Be it a Test, ODI, or T20I, One player can’t win your tournaments.” 

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Praveen Kumar further added thatthe hero culture has always been there in Indian cricket. I think it’s been there since the 1980s. This is the wrong tendency. Cricketers, at times, become bigger than cricket. The one who has more brand support gets more limelight.”

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