If I’m Ben Stokes, even if David Warner gets…” Ponting Passes Important Verdict On David Warner’s Place In 4th Ashes Test

David Warner’s ongoing struggle against Stuart Broad has become a significant topic of discussion in the cricketing world, particularly in light of the upcoming fourth Ashes Test at Old Trafford in Manchester. Broad’s dominance over Warner, having dismissed him 17 times in Test cricket and three times in this series alone, has raised questions about Warner’s place in the Australian team. The psychological aspect of this battle has been a critical point of focus, with former captain Ricky Ponting shedding light on the challenges faced by Warner and the implications for the Ashes series.

Stuart Broad’s ability to consistently trouble David Warner has brought his dominance to the forefront of conversations. Warner’s struggles against Broad extend beyond this series, with the English pacer dismissing him on multiple occasions in the past. The fact that Warner has been dismissed in various ways adds to the frustration, making the situation even more concerning for the Australian opener.

Ricky Ponting, a respected figure in Australian cricket, has emphasized the psychological impact of Broad’s dominance over Warner. Ponting notes that when a player faces a bowler who consistently gets the better of them, it can create a mental hurdle that is difficult to overcome.
Knowing that a bowler has dismissed you 17 times can be a significant mental obstacle, affecting a batter’s confidence and decision-making.

“I know there’s been a lot of chat the last couple of days since the end of Headingley, and it’s more that Broad is getting him out. I think if it were anybody else, the noise probably wouldn’t be quite as loud, but the fact that he struggled to get through the opening spells of Broad a few times in this series again makes it a little bit more of a worry,” said Ponting

“When someone’s got you out 17 times, it does become as much a mental or probably more of a mental battle than a technical battle,” he continued.

Ricky Ponting’s analysis provides valuable insight into the Warner-Broad battle. While acknowledging the concerns surrounding Warner’s struggles, Ponting suggests that Australia should persist with Warner due to his experience and the risks associated with introducing an unprepared player to such a crucial stage. He emphasizes the need for Warner to overcome the psychological aspect and hopes that he can withstand Broad’s initial spell to make a substantial contribution to the team.

“And I say that because I’ve played against teams in the past and bowlers in the past where you just know that they’ve got the wood on you, and they’re on top of you, and you just can’t get away from it. If I’m Ben Stokes, even if David Warner gets through the first spell of Stuart Broad, then I’ll give him a short break, and I’ll bring him back again,” said Ponting.

“But just thinking about the series, I’d be inclined to stick with David Warner. If you’re going into the fourth Test match of an Ashes, with the Ashes on the line, do you bring a Marcus Harris or a Matt Renshaw in that haven’t played a game of cricket for? I don’t know how long since they’ve played a first-class game?” said the current Delhi Capitals coach, under whom Warner was captain in this IPL season.

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“Even if you did make the change, you’d be making a pretty courageous call to bring someone in that hasn’t been in the line-up. Right now, I’m probably more inclined to give David another opportunity and hope that he can get through Stuart Broad and go on and make a big score,” he argued.

Despite Warner’s struggles, it is essential to recognize his contribution to the Australian team. Alongside Usman Khawaja and Steve Smith, Warner has formed a formidable top order that, although restrained by England’s bowling attack, has shown glimpses of brilliance. Khawaja and Smith have already registered centuries, highlighting the potential impact Warner could have if he manages to navigate the Broad challenge.

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