England Set To Host Zimbabwe After 20 Years To Renew Cricketing Relations

In a significant development for the cricketing world, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) have reached an agreement to mark the return of bilateral cricket between the two nations. The historic occasion will see England hosting Zimbabwe for a Men’s Test match in May 2025, marking the first time they have played a bilateral Test series since 2003.

The upcoming event holds immense symbolic value, not just for the players and fans but also for the rich history of cricket itself. The four-day Test match is scheduled from May 28th to 31st, 2025, with the venue yet to be confirmed. This exciting development comes after discussions between the ECB and ZC aimed at fostering closer ties and stronger relations between the two cricketing nations.

Richard Gould, the Chief Executive Officer of the ECB, expressed his delight at the prospect of hosting Zimbabwe for a Men’s Test match after a hiatus of two decades. Gould highlighted Zimbabwe’s proud cricketing history, noting that the nation has produced remarkable players and coaches who have contributed significantly to the global cricketing landscape. The match against England is a testament to the ECB’s commitment to nurturing a closer bond with Zimbabwe Cricket, contributing to the growth of Test cricket, and providing more opportunities for playing nations.

ECB Chief Executive Officer, Richard Gould, said: “We are delighted to be able to host Zimbabwe for a Men’s Test match for the first time in two decades. Zimbabwe has a proud cricket history and has produced world-class players and coaches who have enriched the game worldwide. We are committed to developing a closer relationship with Zimbabwe Cricket, and announcing this Test against our England Men’s team is a step toward that ambition. This summer’s Ashes series showcased all that is great about Test cricket, and while we must be mindful of the demands of world cricket’s schedule, we also want to help grow Test cricket and find opportunities to play more nations where we can.”

Givemore Makoni, the Managing Director of Zimbabwe Cricket, echoed the sentiments of excitement and gratitude. He emphasized the significance of this tour, highlighting the historical and cultural ties between the two nations that date back to the introduction of cricket in Zimbabwe in the 1890s. The return of bilateral cricketing relations, in the form of a Test match against a top-tier team like England, is seen as a pivotal moment for Zimbabwean cricket. It arrives when the nation’s cricket is experiencing positive momentum and growth.

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ZC Managing Director, Givemore Makoni, said: “We are delighted to be playing bilateral cricket in England for the first time in over two decades after we agreed to play a Test match in May 2025. The significance and magnitude of this tour cannot be over-emphasized, and I would like to say a huge thank you to the ECB for committing to the resumption of cricketing relations between our countries that date back to the introduction of the game in Zimbabwe in the 1890s. The experience of playing a Test match against a top team like England is massive for the current generation of our players, coming at a time when our game is on an upward trajectory. This will be a historic tour for everyone involved with cricket in Zimbabwe, and we are already looking forward to some exciting action on the field of play.”

The tour holds great promise for both teams. For the players, it represents a chance to compete on a grand stage and showcase their skills against a high-profile opponent. This historic encounter is expected to capture the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide and reignite interest in the bilateral cricketing relationship between England and Zimbabwe.

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