Big Step By India, Australia And England For Women’s Cricket After The Success Of WPL

In a significant development for women’s cricket, three prominent cricket boards, namely the BCCI, ECB, and Cricket Australia (CA), are reportedly discussing launching the Women’s Champions League. This initiative follows India’s inaugural variant of the Women’s Premier League (WPL), which has garnered considerable aid and viewership.

As per the Sydney Morning Herald reports, all three cricket boards held the World Test Championship (WTC) final to conceptualize the Women’s Champions League. Further discussions occurred during the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) meeting in Durban, South Africa.

The decision to launch the Women’s Champions League comes in the wake of the WPL’s triumph, which attracted significant viewership and secured media rights worth 951 crores. The three boards envision the Champions League becoming a prominent tournament for women’s cricket and aim to launch it by 2024.

This development is consistent with the ICC’s most recent efforts to support women’s sports. To promote gender equality and give female cricketers equal opportunity and exposure, the ICC decided to award equal prize money to men’s and women’s teams at ICC competitions.

The upcoming Women’s Champions League will leave great remark in the women’s cricket globally. It would provide a platform for top players from various countries to showcase their skills and compete at a higher level, further propelling the growth and popularity of the women’s game.

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As discussions progress and plans take shape, cricket fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the realization of the Women’s Champions League. The potential for increased exposure, viewership, and financial investment in women’s cricket bodes well for the future of the sport and the continued empowerment of female athletes.

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