R Ashwin Talks About His Possible Chances To Be Included In 2023 ODI World Cup

The 2023 ODI World Cup is approaching and the selection of players in the Indian squad is still one of the biggest questions. As the event draws nearer, fans are anxiously awaiting the revelation of the selected players who will form the squad. Team India will also look back to win the trophy and end their drought of 10 years, as they won their last ICC trophy in 2013.

BCCI is experimenting with the players and Ravichandran Ashwin is one such candidate who is still doubtful for his selection in the marquee event. Ashwin’s impressive resurgence in the T20 format for India has generated hopes of his potential return to ODI cricket as well after his successful reentry into T20Is.

The experienced all-rounder has recently expressed that he refrains from occupying his mind with such considerations that team selection for the upcoming World Cup is not in his hand and he is not thinking much about the upcoming event.

While having a conversation with Times Of India, Ashwin said,”I don’t think like that, because the selection of the team is not my job. I had decided long back that I would not think about stuff that is not in my hand. I am honestly in a very good space in terms of life and my cricket, and I try to keep negativity away from my thought process.”

Ashwin said that he would love to see India winning the ODI World Cup.

“I think you are connecting two things. I did not consider retirement because of an injury. That was also probably one of the reasons, and I was not sure how I would recover from it because I am not an expert on my body. And then there was some uncertainty around my career, and I was just thinking like that,” Ashwin said.

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“It is very easy to think negatively, and that was one phase where I was probably thinking I would not be able to come back from it. It was just a thought, and I just want to clarify that. But right now, I feel I am bowling and batting really well, and I have a lot of experience in my kitty. I am taking one day at a time,” he added.

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