“India-Pakistan are bigger than the Ashes…”: West-Indian Legend’s Brilliant Comparison

The announcement of the 2023 World Cup schedule has set the stage for the clash between India and Pakistan, one of the most highly anticipated matches in cricket history. Scheduled for October 15 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, this encounter between the archrivals has already captured global attention. When India and Pakistan meet on the cricket field, it becomes a spectacle that transcends boundaries, drawing billions of viewers and making it one of the most-watched sporting events worldwide.

With its immense popularity, West Indies legend Chris Gayle even believes the India-Pakistan rivalry surpasses the iconic Ashes series. As the anticipation builds, Gayle also highlights two key players who could make a difference for India in the World Cup.

Whenever India and Pakistan face each other, cricket enthusiasts worldwide are captivated, resulting in a multi-billion-dollar bonanza for broadcasters. The 2019 50-over World Cup clash between the two rivals drew a staggering 273 million viewers. The magnitude of the match and the historical and political significance make it a must-watch event. With billions of people tuning in, the India-Pakistan encounter transcends cricket, becoming a major moment on the global sporting calendar.

One of the game’s greatest entertainers, Chris Gayle, believes the India-Pakistan rivalry is bigger than the Ashes. The intense competition and global viewership create an atmosphere unmatched by any other cricketing contest. Gayle acknowledges the significance of the match, emphasizing that he will be eagerly watching the clash on October 15. His statement resonates with cricket fans worldwide, who recognize the magnitude of this rivalry.

“India-Pakistan is bigger than the Ashes. That’s humongous. On the world stage, with billions of people watching. Let’s see what happens on October 15. I will be watching,” Gayle said on timesofindia.com.

When asked about the players who could turn the tide for India in the World Cup, Gayle mentions Jasprit Bumrah and Suryakumar Yadav. He highlights Bumrah’s exceptional bowler skills and potential impact on the team’s success. Additionally, Gayle identifies Suryakumar Yadav as a key player, recognizing his talent and ability to contribute significantly to India’s campaign. Their performances and contributions could prove pivotal in India’s quest for World Cup glory.

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“Who are the two players who can turn things around for India in the World Cup?” Gayle was also asked.

“Jasprit Bumrah for sure. I am sure he is going to be back. He and Suryakumar will be key players for India,” he replied.

India and Pakistan have not engaged in a bilateral series on each other’s soil since 2012. Instead, their encounters have been limited to the game’s shorter formats. The absence of Test matches between the two nations since 2007 adds to their clash anticipation. While India triumphed on home soil in the 2011 ODI World Cup, subsequent editions saw Australia and England claim victory in their respective countries.

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