“England are clearly liking to lose…” Michael Vaughan Criticizes Harry Brook’s Shot Selection And Bazball Tactics

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has voiced his strong disapproval of England’s batting performance in the ongoing Test match against Australia. Vaughan expressed his dismay over the poor shot selection and a collapse that saw England lose their last six wickets for just 47 runs on the morning of day three. As a result, Australia has gained the upper hand in the match and is now considered favorites to secure victory. Vaughan’s comments highlight the England team’s need for a more realistic and disciplined approach.

Harry Brook, who managed a chancy half-century, fell unconvincingly with a questionable shot choice. He attempted a tennis-style forehand to a short ball aimed at his body, resulting in a simple catch for Pat Cummins at extra cover off Mitchell Starc’s bowling. Vaughan labeled the shot as “shocking,” criticizing the lack of discretion shown by the batsman.

“England clearly like losing. Yesterday they gifted Australia three wickets. They arrive on day 3, and the pitch is doing more. To see the wicket, Australia now knows they are bowling to the tail. England need to be realistic. They cannot mix entertainment with stupidity,” Vaughan said.

Vaughan expressed his disappointment with England’s batting approach, stating that they gifted Australia three wickets the previous day. England failed to build on their early momentum despite a solid start and succumbed to a batting collapse. Vaughan believed England’s attempt to entertain was mixed with moments of stupidity, urging the team to be more realistic. He emphasized the importance of avoiding careless mistakes, especially when facing a resurgent Australian bowling attack.

“For the first 188 runs, England played good cricket with proper shots. Australian bowlers got no help as the ball was not doing anything, so they resorted to short balls. What came next was pure stupidity,” he said.

Vaughan criticized England’s response to Australia’s short-ball strategy, stating that it was met with pure stupidity from the English batsmen. While the pitch offered little assistance to the Australian bowlers initially, they resorted to a barrage of short-pitched deliveries. Instead of adapting to the situation, England’s batsmen failed to counter this strategy effectively, resulting in their downfall. Vaughan highlighted the lack of intelligence and suggested England should have approached the situation more sensibly.

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Due to England’s batting collapse, Australia ended day three in a strong position and emerged as favorites to win the Test match. Australia is well-placed to extend their advantage with a lead of 221 runs and eight wickets remaining. Opener David Warner was dismissed for 25, but Usman Khawaja and Steve Smith remained at the crease when rain interrupted play. Australia’s first-innings lead of 91 runs has put them in a commanding position to push for victory.

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