Witnesses Reveal Shocking Behavior Of Members In Lord’s Long Room Towards Australian Cricketers

The Ashes 2023 series has been a thrilling spectacle, captivating cricket fans worldwide with its intense battles between bat and ball. The first two Tests have provided edge-of-the-seat thrillers, controversial moments, and debates over the spirit of cricket. However, an incident at the Lord’s Long Room during the Lunch break on Day 5 of the second Test has shocked many, leaving both players and spectators stunned.

Following the stumping of England’s Jonny Bairstow by Australia’s Alex Carey, who believed the over was called, and the ball was dead, the Australian cricketers faced harsh treatment from a section of the members in the Long Room. Chants of “cheat! cheat!” echoed through the room, and Australia’s Usman Khawaja was subjected to unwelcome remarks, prompting him to confront the members. Several videos capturing the incident have since gone viral, shedding light on the unfortunate episode.

In response to the incident, the Australian team filed an official complaint against the members, and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) swiftly condemned the behavior while taking action against three members pending an inquiry. Eyewitnesses revealed shocking details about the conduct of some members during the incident.

According to reports, some members believed the stewards should have anticipated the situation and taken preventive measures beforehand. They suggested that someone from the committee could have entered the Long Room and appealed to the members to maintain decorum when the players arrived. One member stated their surprise, emphasizing the club’s tradition of politeness and fairness towards both teams. They found the incident quite shocking, given the established standards of behavior.

An MCC insider recounted members making inappropriate comments to young women entering the pavilion, displaying an entitled mindset that some belief goes unchallenged. Considering the on-field events and the booing on the ground, there were expected to be more stewards in the Long Room.

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The member added: “The key word is entitlement. Some think they are entitled to do what they want without challenge. Given what had happened on the field and the booing in the ground, you would have thought there would have been a few more stewards in the Long Room.”

Eyewitnesses interviewed by Australia’s ‘The Age’ expressed their disgust and shock at the language directed towards the Australian players in the Long Room, with Khawaja being a particular target of unwarranted remarks.

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