Watch: Women Slapped Policeman After Rain Halts IPL 2023 Final, Check Full Report

The highly anticipated final match of IPL 2023 between the Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings was marred by rain, resulting in the match’s cancellation without even the toss taking place. The clash was scheduled at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. However, the decision regarding the final match will now be made on the reserve day. Meanwhile, a viral video capturing clashes between fans at the stadium has gained significant attention on social media.

Due to persistent rain, the toss for the IPL 2023 final could not take place, leading to the match being called off. The organizers decided to utilize the reserve day to determine the outcome of the final clash between the Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. The match, originally scheduled for Sunday, will now be played on 29th May at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. This marks the first time in IPL history that the final match will be played on a reserve day, allowing fans to witness the much-anticipated conclusion to the tournament.

Amidst the anticipation and frustration caused by the rain delay, an unfortunate incident unfolded in the stands. A video has gone viral on social media, capturing clashes between fans at the Narendra Modi Stadium. In the footage, a woman expresses her anger toward a policeman by slapping and pulling his collar. The exact cause of the altercation remains unclear. Such incidents of fan unrest are regrettable and serve as a reminder to prioritize respectful and peaceful behavior during sporting events.

There is good news for those who purchased tickets to the IPL 2023 final. The organizers have taken steps to ensure that disappointed fans will still have the opportunity to witness the rescheduled match. Ticket holders can attend tomorrow’s match using their original tickets. This decision aims to mitigate the disappointment caused by the rain interruption and provide an equal opportunity for fans to enjoy the thrilling conclusion of the IPL season.

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