Virender Sehwag Took A Jibe At Gautam Gambhir, Also Gave His Stand On Changing The Name Of India To “Bharat”

In a recent twist of events, the question of whether India should officially be known as “Bharat” has ignited a spirited debate within the cricketing world. Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, known for his bold statements and fearless attitude, has taken a strong stand to rename the Indian cricket team “Team Bharat” for the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023. This move has sparked controversy and drawn attention from various quarters.

Virender Sehwag wasted no time in expressing his views on this matter. In a tweet directed at BCCI secretary Jay Shah, he boldly advocated for the Indian cricket team to be called “Team Bharat” rather than “Team India” during the ICC World Cup 2023. 

He tweeted, “Team India nahin #TeamBharat. As we cheer for Kohli, Rohit, Bumrah, and Jaddu this World Cup, may we have Bharat in our hearts and the players wear a jersey with ‘Bharat’ @JayShah.”

Sehwag’s stance is grounded in his deep-rooted love for the nation and the desire to instil patriotism among cricket enthusiasts. But this proposition has been met with mixed reactions.

A Twitter user took the opportunity to engage in the conversation by suggesting that Gautam Gambhir should have pursued a political career instead. 

“I always thought you should’ve been MP Before Gautam Gambhir,” a Twitter user wrote.

Sehwag, however, was quick to respond, dismissing the idea. He expressed his belief that sportspeople should steer clear of politics, emphasizing that he is not inclined to become a part-time Member of Parliament (MP).

“I am not at all interested in politics. Have been approached by both major parties in the last two elections. My view is that most entertainers or sportsman should not enter politics as most are their for their own ego and hunger for power and barely spare genuine time for people, few are exceptions but generally most only do PR. I love being involved with cricket and commentating and being a part time MP whenever convenient is not something i ever aspire for,” he wrote.

Sehwag’s views on this issue reflect his commitment to cricket and his scepticism about the motivations of individuals who enter politics from other fields. He believes that most entertainers and sportspeople enter politics for personal gain and public relations purposes, rarely devoting genuine time to serving the people.

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While Virender Sehwag’s comments have garnered significant attention, it’s essential to consider the context of his remarks regarding Gautam Gambhir. Gautam Gambhir, another former cricketer, is currently a Member of Parliament from East Delhi, representing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Gambhir’s political career has not been without controversy. Critics have accused him of neglecting his parliamentary duties due to his continued involvement in cricket commitments. This accusation has fueled the ongoing debate about the role of sports figures in politics and the responsibilities that come with it.

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