‘Virat Kohli is himself responsible…….’ Sourav Ganguly Big Revelation On Kohli’s Captaincy Saga

The dramatic turn of events surrounding Virat Kohli’s captaincy of the Indian cricket team has been a topic of intense speculation and discussion among fans and experts alike. After being removed as skipper of the ODI side and voluntarily stepping down as T20 captain, the circumstances behind Kohli’s decision remained unclear. Finally, Sourav Ganguly, the former BCCI president, has broken his silence, shedding light on his surprise and providing insights into the captaincy saga.

Ganguly expressed his surprise upon hearing the news of Kohli stepping down from his role as captain. Speculations had been rife regarding a potential feud between Kohli and Ganguly, which further fueled curiosity about the circumstances surrounding the captain’s decision.

Ganguly clarified that the BCCI did not ask Kohli to step down as T20 captain. Following the South Africa series, he mentioned that the board was not prepared for Kohli’s decision to relinquish Test captaincy either. Ganguly left the reasons for Kohli’s choices to the man, emphasizing that only Kohli could shed light on the matter.

Despite the captaincy turmoil, Ganguly praised Kohli for his significant contributions to the Indian Test team. Under Kohli’s leadership, the team achieved remarkable success, including memorable Test series wins in Australia. Ganguly acknowledged the fearless attitude and gutsy performances displayed by the Indian team during Kohli’s tenure, mentioning that they had the potential to win the series in England as well.

As a replacement for Kohli, the BCCI appointed Rohit Sharma as the captain of India’s ODI and T20I teams. Ganguly mentioned that Rohit Sharma was the best option available at Kohli’s departure and expressed confidence in his leadership abilities.

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In a further twist, Kohli stepped down as Test captain after India’s 1-2 defeat to South Africa in January 2022. While Ganguly did not explicitly address the reasons behind this decision, it marked a significant transition for the Indian cricket team.

Sourav Ganguly’s recent comments have offered insights into the captaincy saga surrounding Virat Kohli. While the speculations of a feud between Kohli and Ganguly remain largely unaddressed, Ganguly’s surprise at Kohli’s decisions and his praise for Kohli’s leadership shed some light on the events that unfolded. With Rohit Sharma taking charge as captain, Indian cricket enters a new era, leaving behind the legacy of Kohli’s reign as captain and embracing a fresh chapter.

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