Tom Latham’s Big Comment On Indian Bowlers After Epic Knock In The First Match

Question:- Was that planned or that had to be a big one or is it just held up?

Answer:- No, it’s just how it unfolded really. I think throughout the innings just trying to react to what was being bold and I think it started Over with the six. So I was just trying to react and obviously build a little bit straight to that shorter boundary. So i was just trying to play good shots to the balls.

Question:- You were about 30 runs behind Kane. You finished up 50 runs ahead of him. Just how good did that last 15 overs? So feel like you must have felt like you were doing pretty well out there?

Answer:- Yeah, I guess it’s just one of those days where you know things sort of fall into place or whatever shots you try to play, they sort of come off. And I guess for me when I play my best, it’s just when I react to the ball and rather than premeditating things. And I guess today was a perfect example of that is just playing good shots to good balls and reacting like that. But I think obviously building a partnership with Kane was really important at that stage. I think we’re about 80 for three. When I did come in and look it was turning a little bit and you know under a little bit of pressure there to take things deep. So for us it’s always just about talking about keeping the run rates under 8 for as long as possible and we managed to do that and you know how quickly it can change out here on a on a ground that has you know some unique dimensions so. It was nice to be there.
Since the start of the year obviously Ross has retired Martins, you know being dropped so you’ve gone up the sort of experience rankings.

Question:- Is that something you’ve sort of felt that now you’re really? You’re in Kane and the two senior batsmen on this team?

Answer:- Alright, it doesn’t feel that way. I think it’s all, for me it’s all about trying to play the situation as best as possible. And I guess in the middle order it’s you can come in so many different times, whether it’s 30 for three or 200 for three. So I guess you know, played a little bit. Have it, you know, you lean back on experiences from games that you’ve played and different conditions and I guess today was one of those times where you know we are in that position to see the game through. It’s about trying to be there at the end. So you know certainly pleasing to be the end and be not out.

Question:- What’s this romance with India going on at the moment? Can you talk us? Does it bring out the best in you?

Answer:- Yeah, I’m not too sure. I think as I said earlier, it’s just one of those days where you know, things fall into place and you sort of get in the zone and things work out. So yeah, certainly didn’t have intentions of doing that and not really sure where it came from to, to be honest. So they’ve had a little bit of cricket under my belt recently with, you know, playing domestic cricket here in New Zealand. Yeah with a few four days and then one day on Tuesday. So I guess the preparations been nice and feel I’ve been hitting the ball reasonably well and it was just trying to focus on been and strong positions and reacting to the ball and you know it was nice that did that well tonight.

Question:- Come out and score 100. What’s the secret of fitness?

Answer:- Listen, see trainer, I think he’s, he’s probably the answer but yeah I guess it’s important that you’re recovering well and obviously, there are some quick turnarounds that you know the T20 series and also play have one day off and then play again. So it’s important to try recover and start again on next game.

Question:- Do you think that the kind of wicket the way you guys batted India was short of maybe on par score with 10:15?

Answer:- I think it was probably a past score. I thought we did some really good stuff with the ball and you know certainly at the start and also through the middle name for able to take wickets and I thought they better really well you know they had a couple of cameos throughout the innings to get them just over 300 but we certainly saw when Washington Sunday was bowling and Yuzi, you know there was a little bit too in there every now and again. So yeah, I think for us it was just about trying to build partnerships and we got away to a reasonably good start. We obviously lost a couple of wickets but obviously the partnership that I and Kane had was really important and we sort of feed off each other a little bit at times. So it was nice to nice to be there at the end, but I think it was sort of a past score and yeah, yeah, when you have a big partnership like that it certainly helps at the back end of an innings.

Question:- How was young, Umran Malik’s bowling? He was making his ODI debut?

Answer:- Yeah, he was pretty quick and obviously we were saying that throughout the IPL. Kane and Glen Phillips have played with him at the sunrises so you know we had a little bit of information there but yeah he sent me a young quick bowler that that bowl with some good guests tonight so I’m sure he’ll be happy to get his first game under his belt.

Question:- Was it a deliberate attempt to go after Chahal because he was a strike bowler for India and did well in the T20 series as well?

Answer:- I wouldn’t say it was certainly didn’t plan on you know things happening that way I guess for us you know we do our scouting on their bowlers and you sort of have plans around how you like to play each bowler and you know we’ve played under a little bit over the last few years. So we’ve got a little bit of information and it’s just about trying as I said trying to react to each ball and try to stick to my strengths and manage to do that well tonight.

Question:- Kane has scored International Century for about 700 days. Was there any talk out there about giving him the three figures?

Answer:- No, I think we all know Kane played pretty well, but he’s certainly not about the milestones. It was just about to try to get across the line. And you know, it was nice that we, we managed to do that together.

Question:- What’s your kind of approach during the T20 series all during the teams playing so much T20, you kind of watching closely and think about what you can get out here?

Answer:- No, just about enjoying and watching I haven’t played a lot of T20 cricket and domestically for Canterbury, and yeah just enjoy watching the guys go about things and I guess for me is better. I’m always trying to improve my skills whatever format it may be and yeah so just trying to work on things you know when I get the chance and obviously, there’s a little bit of white-ball cricket at the moment for us and to move into rebel cricket in a month’s time so you know you’re. At the moment for us to move into rebel cricket in a month’s time so you know you always chopping and changing, but I guess it’s about you’re always trying to develop skills no matter what format it is.

Question:- When you are on 99 is any kind of pressure, you know you’re hitting the milestone, so how are you because you’re hitting the boundaries before that and so it’s in your mind what’s what was going on when you were 99?

Answer:- Yes, just trying to watch the ball as best as possible really. I guess there’s the bigger picture of the game, the game situation and you know, we still had a decent amount of time to bat, you know, once I did get 100. So yeah, I guess it’s important that you try to start again and obviously there’s a nice special moment. About yeah, yeah. As I said, the bigger picture is obviously trying to win the game and get across the line. So and yeah, once that happened it’s about trying to refocus and start again.

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