“There is just one problem…..” Sanjay Manjrekar Take A Deep Dive On Rohit Sharma’s Form In The WTC Final

As the Indian cricket team prepares for the highly anticipated World Test Championship final against Australia, concerns have emerged regarding the recent form of skipper Rohit Sharma. With a lackluster season for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2023, questions arise about his ability to deliver in the title showdown.

However, former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar dismisses that Rohit’s IPL performance should cause worry, emphasizing the batsman’s prowess in the Test format. Focusing on Rohit’s overall Test cricket abilities rather than his recent IPL struggles is essential as India gears up for the crucial match.
Rohit Sharma’s IPL campaign with the Mumbai Indians was below par, amassing just 332 runs in 16 matches at an average of 20.75.

This has led to doubts about his form heading into the World Test Championship final. However, Sanjay Manjrekar urges observers to look beyond the IPL, citing Rohit’s exceptional batting display in the first Test match against Australia. Manjrekar believes that at this stage of his career, Test cricket is the most exciting format for Rohit, akin to Virat Kohli’s affinity for the longer version of the game.

“Keep his IPL form aside because he looked out of form in the last IPL as well… we saw the amazing batting he did in the first Test match against Australia. I believe the stage of his career Rohit Sharma is in, Test cricket seems to be the most exciting format for him just like it has always been for Virat Kohli,” Manjrekar said on Star Sports.

Delving into the technical aspects of Rohit Sharma’s batting, Manjrekar asserts that his performance in the game’s longest format is almost faultless. He highlights a minor flaw wherein Rohit occasionally falls victim to the pull shot, resulting in his dismissal.

Bowlers have capitalized on this vulnerability by deploying short-pitched deliveries and setting a fielder in the deep. However, Manjrekar praises Rohit’s prowess in ODI cricket, specifically noting his intriguing pull shot technique involving a low backlift and exceptional timing.

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“His batting has become almost faultless in Test cricket at the moment. One problem we have seen in Test matches is that he gets out while sometimes playing the pull shot. They have bowled him a short ball and kept a fielder there. That is an automatic shot. If you see in ODI cricket, his pull shot is extremely interesting. His backlift doesn’t come from the top so he can play the ball down. He has a very low back lift, he picks up the ball, and the bat then goes behind his back in the follow-through to give the power,” he explained.

The World Test Championship final will occur at the Oval on June 7. This prestigious match allows Rohit Sharma to showcase his immense talent on the global stage. Despite his indifferent IPL form, the batsman’s focus and adaptability in Test cricket make him a valuable asset to the Indian team. With his technique and ability to seize crucial moments, Rohit has the potential to make a significant impact and contribute to India’s success in the championship final.

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