Rohit Sharma’s Hilarious 2-Word Reply To The Reporter About Crowd Support In Bangladesh

India’s star players including full-time captain Rohit Sharma and former captain will be returning to the Indian squad for the three-match ODI series against Bangladesh, starting from Sunday, December 4 at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Dhaka.

India will be beginning their ODI World Cup preparation with this series. The World Cup is only 10 months away and will be held in India only.

Before the game, Captain Rohit Sharma attended the pre-match press conference and was as clever as he can get with his answers.

One such response was so funny that it left the whole audience laughing hysterically. The question was about the crowd support for India in Bangladesh.
A reporter asked, “India get crowd support all over the world….” before the reporter could finish his question Rohit interuppted and replied” Not here.”

After the crowd’s laughter settled, the Reporter finished his question. He asked ‘Bangladesh is the only place where India doesn’t get crowd support. Many Indian players will play here for the first time. What do you think about that?’
Rohit responded that the team has enough experience to play their best in front of any crowd though he confessed that Bangladesh fans can get intimidating at times.
He said, “The crowd here can be intimidating. They’re passionate fans of cricket and they get right behind the team. It is exciting for their team. But for us, yes, lot of guys are coming to Bangladesh for the first time; but that doesn’t change a thing. You’re used to play in such big crowds when you tour places like Australia and England. “

He added, The crowd there can be intimidating as well. They want to get behind the team, it’s the same thing here as well. It’s not going to affect our boys, they’re used to being under pressure and being challenged.”

The series is scheduled to start on December 4. The first two ODIs will be held on December 4 and 7 in Dhaka and the final ODI will take place in Chattogram on December 10. The test series will begin on December 14.

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