“To hell with them….”: Ravi Shashtri Cryptic Comment Over Virat And Rohit Fans

Indian captain Rohit Sharma and former Indian captain Virat Kohli have a big fan following worldwide. Thus, fans and cricket experts always used to compare these star players.

But these two share a strong bond on the field. And irrespective of a lot of buzz about their competition outside of the field they used to give their best for the Indian team and many times they have refused any conflict between them in the dressing room. When India won the home series against Australia before the T20 World 2022, they appeared together in the press conference.

But the rivalry of their fans is still on the trend, and earlier in Tamil Nadu, Kohli fans killed Rohit’s fans in the discussion of who is the better player, and their convo got heated. And again, this rivalry came into the limelight between the lovers talking on this severe issue former Indian coach Ravi Shastri claimed this type of discussion is a “timepass,” and the public also makes this. He doesn’t care about “Viratian” and “Rohit fans.”

“To hell with them. All of this is merely time pass for you guys. I don’t have the time for this. Everything is fine. There is good tuning between them. Everything is first-class. There was a 100-run partnership in between, but you guys are stretching it. Keep on doing it. All of this is a very trivial matter,” Shastri said.

Furthermore, speaking about Virat’s performance, he stated that he was outstanding in the world cup, especially in the innings he played against Pakistan. He is an excellent player in cricket, and there is no doubt. Everyone had seen it.

“I think that will be one of the finest T20 innings in his career. No doubt about it, because the stage was that big. It was against Pakistan, and the match was stuck for India, so scoring runs under pressure is a big thing. I don’t need to say anything. The world has seen it, they will judge it, and he will put it as one of his best,” added Shastri.

Looking at the ODI world cup 2023, this series will be crucial for the Asian team. Regular skipper Rohit Sharma and veteran cricketer Virat Kohli are back in the Indian squad for the Bangladesh series. It will be interesting to see how they will perform in the upcoming series.

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