Pakistan’s Cricket Team World Cup 2023 Visa Issues Resolved, Got The Visas Less Than 48 Hours Before Flying Out To India

The upcoming World Cup in India is the talk of the cricketing world, but for Pakistan, the excitement has been tinged with uncertainty and frustration. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) found itself embroiled in a visa dilemma that threatened to disrupt its World Cup preparations.

As the World Cup approached, Pakistan expressed its concerns to the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding visa delays and what they perceived as “inequitable treatment.” The team was scheduled to depart for Hyderabad, India, via Dubai in the early hours of Wednesday, but uncertainty loomed large.

Umar Farooq, the PCB spokesperson, finally breathed a sigh of relief when his organization received confirmation from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on Monday to collect the team’s passports. This eleventh-hour development came as a welcome relief for the team and cricket fans alike.

The PCB did not mince words when expressing its disappointment with the ICC over the visa delays. Farooq lamented, “It’s a matter of disappointment the Pakistan team has to go through this uncertainty ahead of the major tournament.” The frustration was palpable, given the significance of the World Cup.

Pakistan had been diligently reminding the ICC of its obligations for three years, but the visa clearance had seemingly hit a roadblock. Farooq emphasized that it was disheartening that these concerns had culminated in a last-minute rush.

The visa uncertainty forced the PCB to make quick adjustments. Their original plan to organize a team-building process in Dubai en route to India had to be scrapped. “We had to rework our plan and book new flights,” Farooq explained. Flexibility became the key as they navigated the challenges.

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Despite the hurdles, Pakistan had to stay focused on their World Cup preparations. They were scheduled to play New Zealand in Hyderabad on Friday and face Australia in another warm-up match on October 3. The clock was ticking, and the team needed to hit the ground running.

The visa drama that unfolded in the lead-up to the World Cup showcased the resilience and adaptability of the Pakistan cricket team. While they faced unexpected challenges and voiced their concerns about visa delays, they ultimately secured their visas and were ready to take on the world’s best in India.

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