Pakistani Skipper Babar Azam’s Personal Video Went Viral On Social Media Platforms, Fans React

Pakistani skipper Babar Azam is trending on Twitter and other social media platforms, but this time, the reason is not for his performance on the cricket field.

This time, he is trending because of some personal images, audio, and video recording which went viral on social media.

Some Instagram users posted personal images, video clips, and audio recordings of the conservation with Babar, which went viral on social media platforms.

As per sources, some private video of the Pakistani skipper has been shared widely on social media platforms. And some sources claimed that Babar had been โ€œsextingโ€ with the girlfriend of another Pakistani cricketer. But there is no official confirmation provided by any authority or personnel.

After this incident, many cricket fans have been trolling the Pakistani skipper. However, some fans have been supporting Babar Azam on social media.

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