‘If Its Not Paid By Monday…’, Barber Serious Warning To Alex Carey For Not Paying Money For The Hair Cut

Australian wicket-keeper Alex Carey who was claimed as ‘Ashes Villain’ by the English media and journalists due to his controversial run out against Jonny Bairstow is once again making headlines for an abrupt deed.

A Barber from Leeds has reported that the Australian wicket-keeper went to his shop for hair-cut but he did not pay him the money.

According to a report by The Sun, Alex Carey, along with his Australian teammates David Warner and Usman Khawaja, visited Doc Barnet’s Barber Shop in Leeds for a haircut. However, unlike Warner and Khawaja, Carey declined to have his photo taken and reportedly left the shop without making a payment.

According to the Barber of the shop, Adam Mahmood , Alex Carey did not have cash at the time of his visit. The shop does not accept card payments, so Carey informed the barber that he would transfer the money instead. However, as of now, the Australian wicket-keeper has not yet transferred the £30.

While having a chat with The Sun, Mahmood said,”I’m still waiting. They all came in just before we shut. We cut their hair and had a great laugh. But we don’t accept cards and Alex said he had no cash on him. Well, there’s a Tesco cash machine literally round the corner he could have run to.”

Adam Mahmood also mentioned that Alex Carey had the option to quickly obtain cash from an ATM machine at the hotel, which would have taken less than five minutes. However, Carey chose to inform Mahmood that he would make the payment through a bank transfer instead. Mahmood has given him the deadline of Monday and if Carey fails to pay the amount by Monday, he won’t be happy.

“Maybe he forgot. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt but if it’s not paid by Monday, I won’t be happy,” Mahmood concluded.

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