Disney+ Hotstar Challenges Jio, Announces One Of Kind Offer For All Their Cricket Lovers

In an exciting development, Disney+ Hotstar has announced that it will be providing free access to the Asia Cup and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup for mobile phone users. Following the immense success of Disney Star’s viewership during the IPL 2023 season, the streaming platform has decided to lift the paywall specifically for these two cricket tournaments. This move grants over 540 million mobile users across India the opportunity to watch these prestigious cricket events at no cost.

Disney+ Hotstar, a frontrunner in India’s rapidly evolving OTT (Over-The-Top) industry, aims to “democratize the game of cricket” by making it accessible to a wider audience. The company believes that providing free access to the Asia Cup and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will not only enhance the viewer experience but also contribute to the growth of the overall cricket ecosystem in India.

Sajith Sivanandan, Head of Disney+ Hotstar, expressed the company’s commitment to continually enhancing the viewer experience and delighting audiences across the region. He stated, “Disney+ Hotstar has remained at the forefront of the rapidly evolving OTT industry in India, and the various innovations we have introduced to continue enhancing the viewer experience has allowed us to delight our audiences across the region. Making the Asia Cup and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup available to a wider audience, we believe, will help us grow the overall ecosystem.”

Disney+ Hotstar has established itself as a prominent platform for cricket viewership, consistently attracting large audiences during major cricket events. The platform has previously achieved tremendous viewership for tournaments such as the Asia Cup 2022, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022, ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2023, and most recently, the India vs. Sri Lanka tournament.

With this bold move, Disney+ Hotstar aims to bridge the gap between cricket enthusiasts and the world-class sporting action, making both cricket and its streaming platform more accessible to mobile users across India. The decision to offer free access to the Asia Cup and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is expected to generate widespread excitement among cricket fans throughout the country.

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This unprecedented move by Disney+ Hotstar is a significant step towards revolutionizing cricket streaming and empowering millions of mobile users to enjoy the excitement and thrill of these prestigious cricket tournaments without any barriers.

As the Asia Cup and ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup approach, cricket enthusiasts across India eagerly anticipate witnessing the sporting brilliance unfold on their mobile screens, thanks to Disney+ Hotstar’s commitment to providing free and accessible cricket viewing experiences.

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