“Dhoni didn’t sacrifice his batting position…”: Sreesanth Takes A Jibe On Gambhir’s Remark Of Dhoni’s No. 3 Batting Position

Recently, former Indian cricketers Gautam Gambhir and S Sreesanth added their voices to the ongoing debate about the legacy of the legendary MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni’s effect on Indian cricket is undeniable. Under his leadership, India achieved tremendous milestones, together with prevailing in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, a historic moment etched in the memory of every cricket fan. But it’s now not pretty much the trophies but about how Dhoni inspired the game.

Days in the past, Gautam Gambhir surprised all people together with his reward for MS Dhoni. It’s no mystery that Gambhir and Dhoni differed during their playing days, but this time, Gambhir took an exceptional stance. He lauded Dhoni for his extraordinary contribution to Indian cricket and made a thought-upsetting statement.

Gambhir believed Dhoni’s captaincy sometimes overshadowed his potential as a batsman. He suggested that had Dhoni batted at the No.3 position, he would have smashed numerous batting records. According to Gambhir, Dhoni sacrificed his milestones for the team’s glory.

S Sreesanth, the former Indian pacer, didn’t shy away from sharing his perspective on Gambhir’s recent statement. Speaking to Sportskeeda, Sreesanth emphasized Dhoni’s excellence as a finisher in international cricket. He acknowledged that Gautam Gambhir’s comment about Dhoni batting at No.3 was valid but added an interesting twist.

Sreesanth pointed out Dhoni’s focus was always on winning matches for India. He highlighted Dhoni’s remarkable ability to finish games when the team needed it the most. Dhoni’s role as a finisher was pivotal in India’s success, including their World Cup victories.

“Gautam Bhai said recently that Dhoni would have scored more runs had he batted at No.3. But for Dhoni it was always about more victories than more runs. He always had the ability to finish games when the team needed him and he won two World Cups as well,” Sreesanth said.

MS Dhoni’s legacy extends beyond the runs he scored or the wickets he took. He propelled India to the No.1 spot inside the ICC Test ratings and stayed the handiest captain to secure all 3 fundamental ICC trophies. His retirement in 2020 marked the give up of technology, leaving a void that is tough to fill.

According to Sreesanth, credit is due to Dhoni for his strategic captaincy. He didn’t sacrifice his batting position but worked to place players where they could excel and contribute most to the team. Dhoni’s captaincy was about bringing out the best in his players and putting the team’s interests above all else.

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“Credit should go to Dhoni, but he didn’t sacrifice his batting position. He worked a way to find out which players would do well for the team in which position and then slot them in those positions accordingly. His captaincy had the ability to bring the best out of his players. He has always thought about the team first,” Sreesanth added.

One component remains clear in the ongoing debate about Dhoni’s legacy: his impact on Indian cricket is immeasurable. Whether you consider Gambhir’s perspective or align with Sreesanth’s perspective, there is no denying that MS Dhoni will usually be remembered as one of India’s cricketing legends.

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