Celebrating Yuzvendra Chahal’s Record-breaking Achievement for Rajasthan in IPL 2024 Eliminator

With Virat Kohli’s crucial wicket on Wednesday, May 22, in Ahmedabad during the IPL 2024 Eliminator, Yuzvendra Chahal made history. With a strong bowling effort, the seasoned spinner only took one wicket as the Rajasthan Royals held the reigning Royal Challengers Bengaluru to just 172.

With almost 200 wickets, Chahal is the most prolific wicket-taker in IPL history. He took his 66th wicket for the Royals by trapping an in-form Virat Kohli. He became the team’s most prolific IPL wicket-taker, surpassing former Rajasthan bowler Siddharth Trivedi.
The 33-year-old leg spinner for Rajasthan has 66 wickets in 45 IPL innings after taking a wicket for 43 in the eliminator. The previous record was held by Trivedi, who played for the Royals for seven years and took 65 wickets in 75 innings.
Most IPL wickets for Rajasthan Royals

Yuzvendra Chahal: 66 wickets in 45 innings

Siddharth Trivedi: 65 wickets in 75 innings

Shane Watson: 61 wickets in 70 innings

Shane Warne: 57 wickets in 54 innings

James Faulkner: 47 wickets in 42 innings
Interestingly, with 139 wickets in just 112 innings, Chahal tops the bowling list for his old team, Royal Challengers Bengaluru. Chahal picked up Kohli’s crucial wicket in the IPL 2024 Eliminator to become the first-ever cricket player to lead the bowling charts for two different IPL clubs.

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