Big Concern For PCB, Illness Sweeps Through Green Army Ahead Of Important Match Against Australia In ODI World Cup 2023

Pakistan prepared to lock horns with Australia, but an unexpected setback hit the team. News sites quickly reported that a mysterious illness had swept through the ranks, affecting several players. Symptoms included flu-like conditions and high fevers, leaving the cricketing fraternity in suspense.

Among the players affected by this illness, Abdullah Shafique found himself in quarantine in his room in Bangalore, while Shaheen Shah Afridi, Saud Shakeel, and Zaman Khan also fell ill. The ailment doubts the team’s readiness for the high-stakes World Cup clash.

Given the time of year and the region, concerns naturally arose about the possibility of dengue fever. Dengue is common in parts of India at this time and had sidelined Indian batsman Shubman Gill for the first two matches of the World Cup. Additionally, it affected prominent commentator Harsha Bhogle.

According to the Pakistan Cricket Board, the players’ symptoms did not indicate dengue fever. Furthermore, the statement conveyed that most affected players had already fully recovered, with those in the recovery stage being closely monitored by the team’s medical panel.

This intriguing turn of events naturally prompted inquiries, with this masthead reaching out to the Pakistan team management for additional information. The collective hope is that the players will regain their health swiftly and be in fine form for the upcoming showdown with Australia.

Amidst the health concerns, another issue has emerged, with the Pakistan Cricket Board registering a complaint with the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding the treatment of its players during the blockbuster clash with India at Ahmedabad.

The heart of Pakistan’s complaint centres around chants directed at their players, Mohammad Rizwan and Hasan Ali. These chants occurred after Rizwan’s dismissal and while Hasan Ali was fielding. The nature of these chants is reportedly inappropriate, and it marred the spirit of the game.

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The complaint refers to section 11 of the ICC’s anti-discrimination policy for international cricket. This section places the onus on the host country to prevent any “inappropriate conduct by spectators” and swiftly address any such incidents. It underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity and inclusivity of the game.

In addition to the chants issue, Pakistan’s complaint also revisits a longstanding concern: India’s refusal to grant visas to Pakistani fans and numerous journalists. This issue has been a point of contention for some time and casts a shadow over cricketing ties between the two nations.

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