Ben Stokes Expresses Deep Apology After ICEC Report Expose Sexism And Racism In ECB

England cricket captain Ben Stokes has expressed deep remorse in response to the cases of discrimination exposed by a recent report in England and Wales cricket. The Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) conducted a two-year investigation and revealed widespread incidents of racism, sexism, classism, and elitism within the cricketing community. Stokes, acknowledging the need for immediate action, has called for the game to be inclusive and free from discrimination.

The ICEC report highlighted the prevalence of various forms of discrimination in England and Wales cricket, prompting the commission to issue 44 recommendations. One key recommendation was for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to issue an unreserved public apology for its shortcomings. ICEC chair Cindy Butts emphasized the urgent need for leadership and expressed hope that the report’s recommendations would be embraced and driven forward by the ECB and other leaders in the sport.

“There remains a stark reality that cricket is not a ‘game for everyone’ and it is absolutely essential that the work required to achieve that ambition must begin immediately,” wrote ICEC chair Cindy Butts as quoted by BBC Sport.

In a statement before the second Ashes Test, Ben Stokes acknowledged that more must be done to address the discrimination issues within cricket. He emphasized the importance of creating an environment where everyone can enjoy the game without fearing discrimination. Stokes recognized the experiences of those who have felt unwelcome in the sport and expressed his deep sorrow for their struggles.

“It is clear the game has so much more to do. The game should be enjoyed without fear of discrimination,” Stokes said.

Stokes called on the cricketing community to celebrate diversity in all aspects of the game. He recognized that without diversity, cricket would not have become the beloved sport today. Encouraging a more inclusive approach, Stokes urged the game to embrace individuals from all backgrounds and ensure that discrimination has no place within cricket.

“To the people involved in the game who have been made to feel unwelcome, I am deeply sorry to hear of your experiences. Cricket needs to celebrate diversity on all fronts, as without diversity it would not be the game it is today,” Stokes said.

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Ben Stokes’s apology and call for action reflect a commitment to address the deeply concerning issue of discrimination in cricket. His words serve as a reminder that the sport must strive for inclusivity, respect, and equal opportunities for all participants. By acknowledging the failures and advocating for change, Stokes is playing a vital role in ensuring that cricket becomes a game that truly welcomes and embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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